People Share Their All-Time Favorite Comfort TV Shows
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Since TV was invented for commercial use in the 1920s people have extolled its virtues and decried its vices.

Love it or hate it, television is a big part of many people's lives.

As with other staples of pop culture, some TV shows gain a place in the hearts of viewers.

Redditor RunningInCali asked:

"What TV show is your go-to comfort show?"

Call of the Wild

"Wildlife documentaries."

- LucyVialli

"Anything with David Attenborough."

- Wizdad-1000

"His voice is just relaxing on its own."

- Aarizonamb


Laughs in Space

"Futurama. I have so many good memories laughing at it with friends, it brings me back."

- throwingplaydoh

"I’ve been falling asleep to Futurama for about 6 years now. Whenever it’s not playing I have difficulty sleeping."

"Now if my girlfriend is sleeping over I’m so acutely aware of how quiet it is."

- UptownShenanigans



"Oddly enough I really love rewatching Monk from time to time as it gives me comfort about my own self. Even though it’s a fictional show it was the only show that I’ve been able to fully relate to it’s main character."

"It helped me come to terms with and fully accept my mental quirks and the reality that just because I suffer from severe social anxiety and various phobias those things don’t make me any less of a person than anyone else."

"Abnormalities aren’t inherently bad and there’s plenty of real people out there that you can connect with or relate to."

- BradRodriguez


Poor Lois

"Lately Malcolm in the Middle."

"Not only is it a fantastically well-made show, but my family's problems exist to a greater degree in their family."

"They're a troubled family but ultimately have great lives. It's comforting."

- Cartossin


Make It So

"Star Trek: The Next Generation"

- SissyCouture

"Oh man, absolutely. My dad and I butted heads a lot when I was a teen, and sometimes it got pretty heated."

"But no matter had happened, or what had been said, at the end of the day we could always sit and watch TNG together."

"Now, some 20 years later, it still helps me when I've had a bad day."

- CaptainDrunkBeard


Poor Gus


- flyinhawaiian02

"This is one of my favorite comfort shows to re-watch!! My friends and I used to watch it during study breaks back when I was in school."

"Even after all this time, it’s laugh-out-loud funny. Gus will forever be my favorite."

- thematrix1234


Ron Swanson Is A Mood

"Parks and Rec because it’s just so feel good."

- TheWildGooseChaser


The Hollywood Handshake

"The Great British Bake Off."

- penny_can

"The very definition of a comfort show. It's like being in a warm bath that never goes cold."

- CyanManta

"The comradery is so heartwarming! This is definitely my go-to, and is a great palate-cleanser type of show after watching something heavy."

- catlady3LSS


Poor Tina

"Bob's Burgers, something easy to half pay attention to while unwinding."

- System_Soup

"That's my go to show. It's like going home and seeing family. You feel like everything is going to be ok, and you're not alone."

- SummerOfMayhem


Dearly Missed

"No Reservations."

"Anthony Bourdain had this way of making you feel immersed in these far flung destinations and cultures."

"When working six to seven days a week with a full time job and a part time job I often just feel caged by work sleep repeat."

"Anthony and his show seems to open that cage and put me at ease if only for a moment."

"RIP Mr. Bourdain, and thank you."

- randomandy90


Did your comfort show make the list?

What would you add?

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