Movies are an amazing part of our life histories. Cinema and films have shifted cultures, mended broken hearts and shown us all the worst and greatest about humanity. But not every film is perfect. In fact, very very few are in deed flawless, but that's ok. If you look at each scene and story point you'll find an oddity here and there. Plot holes are everywhere, sometimes it's what makes the movie most interesting;

Redditor u/738algorithmSing wanted to discuss the obvious plot issues in cinema by asking.... What's the biggest plot hole you've seen in a movie?

The Butterfly Effect....


The stigmata scene in The Butterfly Effect, where Ashton Kutcher goes back and impales his hands so that the dude in prison will help him. It completely undermines the entire premise of the movie. Not only would he have had the scars on his hands the entire time, he probably wouldn't even be in the same situation to begin with. Everything would be different if he changed something in the past. That's the whole point of the film—the butterfly effect! Shipwreck_Kelly

Minority Report....

Mostly I try not to notice, and just think about them later, y'know, and then try to find the excuse. One that bothers me that in such a future depicted in the Minority Report, he cruises (thank you) right back into this supposed high security facility after having gone rogue using his original credentials. Sloppy. es_mo


Batman Begins.

So Scarecrow puts his fear toxin in the water supply of Gotham City, but it doesn't become active until it is evaporated.

Now I love this movie, but I find it hard to believe that nobody took a hot shower or boiled water or something and then went crazy from the fear gas. Emeraldis_



Why didn't he just use the saw to get the phone that was just barely out of reach instead of cutting off his damn foot? SasquatchAstronaut

Jigsaw: "No, please. Don't cut the pipe. Come on, I worked hard on this. Stop. Just... Please just cut your foot off. Come on, bro - it gets so cool after that, I promise." Ganglebot



The Little mermaid signing a contract and losing her voice so she couldn't communicate with Price Eric. Write him a damn note, you have flawless writing and you composed a damn song with a full aquatic orchestra. NoStopOkayMore

Jurassic Plot Hole. 

That Jurassic world movie where they came up with the raptor that can hunt people. So you use a laser pointer on a gun to designate a target. But if you can shine a laser on someone, surely you can shoot them?

Like why need the dino??? TheGuyfromRiften

I really hate that they went with that premise, attack dinosaurs is like something out of a bad '80s action movie. We have drones with pinpoint accurate missiles and their use is a major ethical debate. Can you imagine just dumping off a bunch of raptors in a warzone? You better win that war or you're butt is on its way to Nuremburg. Plus you have to feed them, train them, care for them, can't just store it in a hangar, it makes no sense. OfcHist

Mother G. 

There was no reason for Mother Gothel to tell Rapunzel when her birthday was. Hell, there was no reason for Rapunzel to even know what a birthday is in the first place. EticketJedi

Even though she kidnapped Rapunzel and exploited her, I always thought Mother Gothel still felt some genuine affection for her. Rapunzel's escape plan hinged on Mother Gothel going on a rather inconvenient errand just to make Rapunzel happy. beeftendon


In the middle of a worldwide pandemic, with a high morbidity rate, who exactly built a city size maze so that a bunch of teenagers can figure out how to escape it? LostNTheNoise

I like to think that imprisoning teenagers in a city sized maze was the plan all along, and then this pandemic came along. AngryCod

Same Old. 

A reoccurring plot hole/lazy trope in horror and thriller movies: using the sound track of the movie to cover someone's approach. A character will be standing in a perfectly silent room like a kitchen with hard floors and then rising strings will hide the foot steps of someone wearing boots and sneaking up on them. kujocentrale

No White Noise.


It bothered me in a quiet place that newspapers were printing en masse that the creatures were sensitive to noise.

Newspaper printers are loud hell. You can't use the white noise excuse bc they weren't always on (like a waterfall)

Also how were they not all trapped in a giant noisy trap then captured and or killed before they got out of hand?! brutallyhonestfemale


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