People Share Their Best Real Life Advice For Younger People That They Won't Learn In School

While the point of school is enriching and educating young lives, it doesn't always meet those expectations. This isn't negative commentary on the world's teachers as many are some of the hardest working people around and should be treated with much more respect, however, not everyone gets into education for the right reasons, thus leading many students leaving their classrooms desiring something they never knew they were never given.

That's why Mr. Internet is here to fill in the missing gaps.

Reddit user, u/WinterGlory, wanted to know what they wished they would have known when they asked:

[serious] What advice about ''real life'' would you give to teens or people in their twenties that could really improve their lives because they dont learn that kind of thing in school?

Stay Ahead Of The Money Curve


Save when you get paid.

Don't wait until the end of the month and see what you have left.


Your Gut Knows More Than It Lets On

Trust your gut is underrated advice but so, so good. You have a gut feeling you shouldn't go on a date with someone, you shouldn't take that job, you shouldn't stay out anymore? Listen to it. At worst, you might save yourself from an awkward situation. At best, you save yourself a lot of headache, heartache or safety.


Money Is More Real Than You Think

Learn how to live within your means.

No check advances, maxing out credit cards, and overdraft fees from banks. That's a hole you just keep digging deeper.


Cooking Might Be The Most Valuable Skill You Can Learn

If you don't know how credit works, learn it now before you get scammed into a credit card you can't pay off.

Learn as much as you can about doing your taxes before you have to do them yourself.

Learn how to cook. You don't have to be a gourmet, but you should learn how to cook for yourself. Try recipes for the cooking methods, not for the ingredients, so you understand the basics of cooking.


Nothing Is Ever Set In Stone

You don't have to have anything figured out ever. Im a 27 year old firefighter who still can say I'm like 20% ready to be called an adult.


I'm 31, have lived on my own for a decade, and still am just winging it. That's adulthood in a nutshell. Parents just make it look easy, even with them its all an act so they don't scar you for life too young.


Some Quick Tips To Save

Save at least 10% of every paycheck and put it into a retirement account. If your employer has a 401k match absolutely take full advantage of it otherwise you literally leaving free money on the table.

Have that savings automatically pulled either through direct deposit or by having your bank automatically transfer it whenever you get paid so you don't even see it and get used to living on a smaller income.

If you absolutely can't afford to save that much then start out saving even as little as $20 a pay and never ever touch it.


Isn't This The Theme Song From "Friends?"

There's always a bad day, week, or even month. It may bring you down a lot, but you have to stay strong and you can't let anyone bring you to a low point. And as much as you may believe, suicide isn't the answer. I know it may seem like the only escape, it may seem like the only answer, and you might think it'll make people around you feel better. But none of that's true. You have to find the light in the dark, you have to continue your life because it'll get better, even at your worst. You are loved by me and others


You Are Not Always The Main Character

In the nicest possible way - nobody notices you as much as you think. Whatever embarrassing event that keeps you up at night or you continue re-living, everybody has probably already forgotten all about it. Mistakes usually only become a big deal if you make it a big deal. Don't be afraid to take chances, try something new, or learn another skill.


Your Twenties Are More Valuable Than You Think

Do not spend your twenties in a relationship with someone you don't love or someone who doesn't treat you with kindness and respect.


Related to this: Remember that if people treat you poorly, you should avoid them and not try to win them over with extra love. Ignore any friends or relatives who make excuses for your partner's thoughtlessness/meanness eg: terrible childhood, s/he just needs (whatever). If you don't feel loved by someone, you probably aren't. Sucks but do not lie to yourself.


It's Okay To Not Be The Main Character


You never really win or lose in life. You're going to have times when you're the hero. Enjoy it, but know it doesn't last. You're going to have times where you're the bum. Don't get too down about it. It doesn't last forever. Try to learn from it though. The greatest teacher of all, failure is.


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