Being a teacher isn't for everybody and education is not a career that should be taken lightly. There are many a teacher who really need to hang up their erasers and find a more fitting life calling. Some humans are not great people and they shouldn't be holding our academic futures in their hands.

Redditor u/ElectrodeShrimp wanted to discuss the imperfection of educators by asking.... What's the worst/most unfair thing a teacher has ever done to you or a classmate?

Mrs. Hannah be crazy!


My 5th grade teacher Mrs. Hannah would bully this kid that obviously had serious behavioral/family issues. She was not at all sympathetic to him and literally made him sit in a cubicle desk the entire day that she called "the box." It was so infuriating and humiliating to watch. She also once told me she was going to "nail my ears to the wall." So I reported her. I hated her so much and I felt really bad for the kid that she really scapegoated. Hope he's doing well today. bbextra

Have some decency.... 

I once had a friend of mine die. I was not told properly. They announced it over the intercom after pulling the students who knew him out of classes. It was a gruesome death. I was then reprimanded for grieving. Somehow they missed the fact that I was his neighbor but got his other neighbors?? buyinshitfaat866

I'll be dieting now....

In first grade, I didn't want to eat a brownie that a classmate had brought in for their birthday. My teacher decided that this was incredibly rude and that I wasn't allowed to go outside for recess until I ate the brownie. When she wasn't looking, I wrapped it in a napkin and placed it carefully in the garbage can. She noticed, took it out of trash, unwrapped it, and still made me eat it. welcometothevalley

Oh hell Nah Mrs. Cooper! 

My 6th grade math teacher didn't believe my mom signed my homework sheet because the signature was messy. In all reality, my mom did sign it but was in a hurry. My teacher wanted to give me detention for a "fake signature" but I insisted she call my mom. My mom told the teacher she did sign it but was in a hurry.

The teacher called my mom a liar and gave me detention anyways.

F**k you, Mrs. Cooper. _addycole

"F" Drop!


College Physics. We had like 4 question exams, but if we made any trivial area in our work (even if we arrived at the right answer) he would take off like 23/25 points, which would essentially cause your grade in the class to drop by a letter grade.

One time, he was doing work on the board and made a mistake like that. One of the students got up, wrote "F" on the board and walked off. ooo-ooo-oooyea

A Family Issue....

I had a teacher in high school who hated me. I wasn't the best literature student, but I hardly deserved her treatment. She once ripped up a paper of mine in front of the class saying it was the worst thing she ever read. I had to get it graded by the English department.

My uncle worked at that school as a guidance counselor, but before that he was the English head when this particular teacher started. I think she took out her hate for my uncle on me. jpterodactyl

Mr. Zero.....

In 5th grade a teacher handed out a test and told everyone not to talk or you will get a zero on it. One of the kids asked what the date was and she gave him a zero right there. Another kid interrupted her to say that that's not fair he was just asking the date and she gave him a zero also. Worst teacher I've ever had. Igwanea

School can be unfeeling... 

My father died early morning of the first day back at school for the year. He had been sick a few months and most of my summer holidays was me visiting him at the hospice. At the end of the previous school year the school decided to change the school top. I went back to school day 2 and I was called up to the vice principals office because I didn't have the new shirt (they knew my father had died the previous day) I was told if I didn't have the right shirt tomorrow I would be suspended. I had to scrape together the money and get the bus to the shops to get the shirt that day because my mum was dealing with enough stuff and I didn't want to add to it. That was the day I stopped caring about school and it was a real turning point (for the worse) in my life. I was an 'A' student before then. elgiesmelgie

I'll take it... whatever....

Had a college professor for an advanced comp class: write a 1,500 word essay every week (on a variety of topics), and each grammar mistake is 10% off of the grade. Had a class on Tuesday, met with professor with draft on Thursday. No draft on Thursday: automatic zero on the paper.

I had written something mildly critical of an author we had read, and when I met with the professor, they said, well, I can't think of anything wrong grammatically with the paper, but you need to change your view, or I will give it a C.

I kept it as is, and got the C, even though I wasn't "wrong." MagicJasoni

How dare you Sir!


Gave me a zero because I never "clicked" a link to an article we were supposed to summarize (it was on blackboard so apparently it tracks who clicks what). I play a lot of games and use my computer a lot so sometimes I just highlight and "Control-C." This is probably a habit I developed from playing counter-strike and URLs opening in the Steam browser but I really can't remember where it came from.

He asked me who I copied my work from and when I contested and showed him how I go to URLs he refused to believe me. I received a "0" and when I asked him to prove that I copied my work from someone else he refused to do the work. Nostriales


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