From the suburbs to the desert; the city to the plain; everywhere has its ups and its downs.

You can never get anywhere quickly in urban areas. In rural areas, you can drive for hours where there is literally nothing; for example.

The person you are dictates how you respond to these various pros and cons. Is it worth the crowding of the city? Or the dullness of the country?

u/secretlyilluminati asked:

What are the pros and cons of where you live?

Here were some of those comparisons.

Isolation: Where The Wind Comes Sweepin' Down The Plane


West coast of Australia. Genuinely one of the most beautiful places in the world, temperate weather that is warm for a lot of the year, great education and healthcare compared to other countries, and statistically very safe.

Con is it takes me 20+ hours of flying if I want to go somewhere. Any other capital city in my country is 4+ hours of flying. Or several days' drive. The sense of isolation here is very real. We also don't get a lot of brands, like skincare or fashion, that the eastern states get.


We All Know The NYC Struggle

Pro: You can get whatever you want 24/7

Con: it hosts some of the worst smells known to man

NYC baby


costs a $1000 dollars to live in 10x8 room with 3 other people


What Is Jell-O Salad?!

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pros: awesome network of parks/trails/lakes, good beer and food options in the city, my neighborhood is relatively walkable/bikeable, fairly friendly people, reasonable COL.

Cons: winter can be a pain in the @ss, lots of mosquitoes in the summer, relatives try to get you to eat jello salad


States Be So Big


Pro: interesting history, Amish people every few miles looking to fatten up Englishers with their delicious donuts, beautiful landscapes, Western half has Batman connections (Dark Knight Rises was filmed here and Michael Keaton is from here). I also like the diversity of eastern pa vs western pa. It's kind of nice that we have our own thing going on (eastern pa has more of an east coast culture while western pa I'd argue has more of a midwestern/Appalachian culture, depending on who you ask).

Cons: landscapes will have you defy physics at times with our hills, pot holes that will suck you into another dimension, Bill Cosby is from this state, vitamin d deficiencies from the weather (which leads to depression). And the deer are everywhere. They are falling out of the sky at this point, which is why we have high numbers of Lyme disease. And I saw on the news today that the deer are carrying some sort of brain damaging disease. Which may be contracted by eating venison. Yay!

Not to mention you may have a deer run into you at one point. I'm the only one in my family who hasn't hit a deer. I once took care of a guy that said the last thing he remembered was seeing a deer from the side of the road and he woke up in the hospital a week later (he was driving in case that wasn't clear to people who don't live in states where this is a common occurrence).


Easy AZ Living

Both: The weather.

Why pro: Our winters don't have snow, and are usually in the 50s.

Why con: AZ summers are a b!tch.


Pro- Natural beauty of deserts and forests, great Mexican food, AJJ Con- Every summer I am convinced this will be my last. Either I will die drenched in sweat or leave this god forsaken land.



Pros- lots of milk and cheese **and beer. Not a huge drinker, but if you skip Miller, the small breweries know what they're doing. I cannot deny the craft beer is pretty f---ing good...

Cons- Christ, everything else

Wisconsinite calling in to the program.


Let's Run Away To Atlantic City

Pros: Heavily subsidized/free higher education, the government gives everyone lots of cash, free healthcare, low tax rates

Cons: No storm drains. Good luck finding a job that's unrelated to tourism or gambling


EDIT: As the largest gambling hub on Earth, we get loads of cash from tourists who happily spend their money here. Then we tax the heck out of the casinos so the common folks can get a ton of money from the government every year.


Who Needs Infrastructure?

Austin, Texas

Pro: the residents are largely friendly. cost of living isn't unbearable compared to other Tech centric cities. lots of hiking spots. the food scene is the best I've ever seen. Lots of local breweries if that's your thing.

Cons: allergies, allergies, oh my god the allergies. housing is quickly becoming unaffordable for the average, solitary middle class worker, the infrastructure is not designed for as many people who live here.


Let's Play Guess Where You're From

Pros: No excessively dangerous plants or animals

All 4 seasons

Plenty of history but with a modern feel

Weed is legal

Cons: People are kinda @ssholes

Potholes.. potholes everywhere

Taxes and rent are high


Center Of The Universe


New York City

Pro: All the essentials are a few minutes away no matter where you are. The laundromat, supermarket, bank, a Rite Aide, and 3 bus stops are 2 blocks away from me and are all in one whole block. Literally the greatest thing ever and I just cant ever part with this one pro of this place.

Cons: Pretty expensive. Each day the cost of living is slowly creeping up meaning you gotta squeeze every penny harder and harder.


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