People Who Grew Up In The City Share Things Every Country Kid Should Know
Teun Swagerman/Unsplash

As someone who was born in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan but moved to Florida where everything is slow and gator-ish, this Reddit thread struck a chord.

If you're not ready for it, the culture shock between city life and country life can come at you faster than an angry bull—or a cab driver trying to make the light.

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People Break Down Which City Doesn't Live Up To The Hype
Photo by Jonathan Roger on Unsplash

Dream of the sea of lights, of the opportunities, the nightlife, and all of the things you've been dreaming of living in your adult life since you were a kid. Being in a city as an adult can afford you those opportunities.

But oftentimes the city will just afford you more expensive housing with no real way to keep up your standard and quality of life. Unless you make major budget cuts, you might often find yourself at odds with your own city, and growing to dislike it.

Sound familiar to anyone?

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People Break Down The Best Tips For Starting Over Fresh In A New City
Image by Fernando González from Pixabay

Although moving to a new city can be like an injection of adrenaline, it is extremely intidmidating.

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People Explain The 'City Things' That Country People Would Never Understand
Image by Olexy @Ohurtsov from Pixabay

Moving to a larger metropolitan area may result in culture shock to those from rural parts of the country.

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From the suburbs to the desert; the city to the plain; everywhere has its ups and its downs.

You can never get anywhere quickly in urban areas. In rural areas, you can drive for hours where there is literally nothing; for example.

The person you are dictates how you respond to these various pros and cons. Is it worth the crowding of the city? Or the dullness of the country?

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