Anyone who's taken a biology class knows you can't fight genetics. What we're made of is decided long before we're even a twinkle in our biological father's eye. Sometimes that kind of inheritance can be a benefit, like good bones, healthy skin, or a resistance to all foodborne illnesses. On the other side of that genetic all these stories.

Reddit user, u/Lord_Majestic_Hair, wanted people to open up about their biological flaws when they asked:

How did you lose the genetic lottery?

Line Them Up And Pass Them Down


My mum has bad teeth, my dad can't see.

I have braces and have glasses



My ears stick out.

I look like a mug with two handles.


I think that can be adorable. Embrace it


They Call Me "Uncle Sweater"

I'm so hairy. I gave up on shaving so long ago.

I'm just a werewolf now. I think I also have a bit of a mustache growing but that might just be me being hypercritical of myself.


Cultural Blending

Weak teeth from my mums side and wonky teeth from my dad 😔 but luckily I'm British so I blend right in!


Pity Them...

Allergic to kitty cats. The cuteness I have had to deny myself, no one should have to suffer this way


You Take The Bad With The Good

I get everything from my dad's side:

-Deviated septum (I can only breathe out of one nostril)

-Osgood-Schlatter disease makes my knees hurt constantly

-Bad joints (I'm 18 I feel 81)

-Hairy legs (not too great on a girl)

I got his ocean blue eyes tho


Adulthood Won't Save You

My face is always filled with Acne.


Same, I've wrestled with problem skin all my life. I thought getting older might mean things would get better and they did for awhile. But, now I'm back to wrestling with my skin all the time. It's exhausting.


Kind Of Missing The Obvious Inspiration...




Maybe you can look to George Costanza for inspiration


I perfer [sic] Patrick Stewart


No Fighting The Tide

Got A tuberculosis gene, taking meds for my heart, chronic migraines and bipolar manic depressive. Also my bones are 50% brighter than usual due to a benign bone tumour which eventually will get malignant


Ah, So It's THAT Kind Of Family

Two reasons:

  1. I have the smallest penis in my family.
  2. I was born to such a family where I actually know this.

Thank you for answering my question to your 1 with your 2.


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