Life and culture is cyclical and vintage is fabulous. Often the things we love rise and fall in popularity. We sometimes forget that certain cool things of the current state have just faded.... much like musicians and the "It" creatives of our time but more often than not, all those things haven't gone anywhere. They're around, just lingering waiting for a revival.

Redditor u/BlupHox wanted to discuss a few things we may have not thought about recently by asking.... What was a huge trend that everyone forgot about?

Alvin Sings....


That era during the 2000s/early 2010s when every popular song got an Alvin and the chipmunks cover. Still can't believe we survived that.


No PB. 

Jelly shoes.

Using 20 to 30 tiny butterfly clips to accent hair styles. Those little clips did nothing but become hazards once dropped on the floor.



Segways were going to CHANGE THE WORLD!!!


Even though Segways didn't, the guy who formed the company behind the Segway (Dean Kamen) has, even though he's not normally recognized for it.

You know Coke Freestyle machines were invented by him? They were based off one of his many medical inventions.


Sticky Things. 

Those sticky rubber strings with a foot or hand on and you put it on your finger like a ring and throw the foot or hand at a wall and it would stick. You could get them from 20p machines in the early 2000's.


All the Colors. 

Rainbow Loom. Everyone had like, a gazillion different little rubber bands, I still find them around my house.


Oh god, I worked at Michael's when these first hit the market and people went BANANAS. They were super strict about how many each store could get, when they could be on the floor, never using coupons on them... and naturally by the time supply caught up with demand the trend was dying and we couldn't get rid of them.


Spread You Wings....

Butterfly clips, cucumber melon bath and body works spray. Dream or grass spray from the Gap.


Gap Heaven was my middle school scent. I found some at an outlet a few years back and was instantly reminded how shitty middle school was. Scent memory is intense lol.


"the forbidden dance"


The Lambada....aka "the forbidden dance" circa 1991.


Playing Games. 

Gaming websites in general. (pollypocket, myscene), coolmathgames, Poptropica, Webkinz, Stardolls, girlgogames (although I'm pretty sure that last one game my computer viruses).

I don't have any kids and my little sister is 14 so maybe its just that I'm not around it, but I feel like kids don't play gaming websites anymore.



FarmVille. All of my aunts let their young children create Facebook accounts just so they could send themselves gifts through them. My Facebook feed used to be full of pictures of everyone's farms.


Make it Personal.


Personalized ringtones. I rarely hear anyone with custom ringtones now

Bluetooth ear piece for calls.


My wife's name is Brittany. Therefore she has her own ringtone on my phone. It is the intro to Britney Spears 'Gimme More' and just says 'it's Britney b.' Or did until my kids started repeating things.


I'm gonna go with Cabbage Patch Kids.

Being older, I'm gonna go with Cabbage Patch Kids. I remember seeing moms about to brawl with each other over those damn things. Remember, each doll was different so it wasn't just grabbing one off the shelf and being satisfied that you got one, people wanted to pick through every one on the shelf and find the one they liked the best. If two women saw the same one at the same time, oh boy here we go.


The Grapevine.


The California Raisins were freaking HUGE for about a year, like 1988 or 1989. "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" (as "performed" by the Raisins) was on the radio, and Hardees did a promotional thing with their kid's meals where you got these cool little figurines of the members playing their respective instruments. I had quite a few of them.


The Call. 

In the 1950s there was a fad that was teens seeing how many of themselves they could stuff into a phone booth.


In the early 2000s, my brother and his friends found a phone booth at the dump and brought it to my parent's house. They used it for all kinds of shenanigans (including cramming people in) while they were in high school. It was the highlight of the decor of his first apartment. I think one of his roommates took it when they moved out.


Bump what?


Is she a fan of Jersey Shore?

Does she want to talk to my manager?


She's just trying to attract the most desirable male in the group by having the biggest pouf.




When I started college in the mid 00's, almost everyone had a blackberry (the "crackberry" era). We'd be messaging each other on BBM all the time and all that crap.

By senior year those phones weren't even a passing thought on our minds. It's impressive how quickly it changed.


Jewel Flirting. 

Those rubber bracelets teenagers would wear that apparently had to do with sex. I hope someone knows what I'm talking about.


The trends that old people think are going on are always far more exciting and dramatic than the actual trends.

Kids today are drinking a lot of orange juice, so we need to figure out what they're trying to communicate to each other about their sexual and narcotic preferences with their orange juice selection... maybe we should just ban orange juice to be safe.


The "explorer program".....

Google glass was the next big thing, then it just died.


It was never properly released as a consumer product, only as dev kit. The "explorer program" was interpreted to be the legit device release and people raged about the cost and how unfinished it was.

Eventually Google just decided enough was enough and pulled the consumer facing Google Glass project completely, choosing to instead focus on business use and research. New version came out just a few months ago.


Good Ole Ed....

Ed hardy clothes.


I went to Vegas for a bachelorette party in 2007 and there was an Ed Hardy Convention at Caesars Palace. I kid you not, thousands of guys looking like Jersey Shore.


Take a Dive. 

Water beds. Watching media from the '80s and you'd think they were in every home.


My parents still have one and have slept on that same one longer than I've been alive (31 years).

They last a long ass time if you take care of them.



AOL Chatrooms with strangers and the teen chat. Also, AIM and putting up intricate away messages that included your friends and googling aim away message templates and crap. Damn. I feel old as heck now. Y'all remember the Sidekick with AIM preinstalled?


Snap and Pop too...


Crackle nail polish lmaoooo.


WOW. I really forgot about this! I think I still have some of that stuff!



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