We all need to stay in the know.

And the know is all about the trends that will drive us further to the future.

I used to be excited about what fashion or sound would earmark this generation or time.

Good or bad, it's best to know what is in, out and soon to be.

So, tell me, talk to me.

What do I need to research and be aware of? Before it's already done?

Redditor rmadiumbeadist wanted all of us to be in the "know" by asking the web:

"What is slowly gaining popularity that most people don't know about yet?"


Musically she always knew. We were able to follow her.

Now it just seems like music is all over the place.

And that is fine, but I'd love a little inside knowledge.



"I think subtitles at theatres and on TV shows are going to become something you will have to opt out of soon."

"I see a lot of people just using them as standard practice now." ~ spoon_shaped_spoon


"I guess 86 is supposed to be the next kind of Attack on Titan thing. I call it 'Attack on Titan if it were actually going somewhere' to my friend who introduced me to AoT."

"He's hooked. I've even read the LNs twice over." ~ fallon_borden

"I'm surprised to see this response in this subreddit, but it's definitely welcome. I didn't know 86 was getting that popular."

I've been in love with the series and bought the first 3 volumes of the novel. I really appreciate the extra content the anime's been adding and the animation quality."

"It's been a great watch." ~ InterstellarCelica


"Seems like there's been increasing excitement for the potential medical and therapeutic benefits of psychedelics." ~ not-one-not-two

"Tripped hard on 4.5g two weeks ago. Was exactly what I needed to help heal myself."

"I've already gone out, done and accomplished so many small things I always wanted to, but couldn't get out of my own way to do."

"But the thing that excites me the most with psychedelics, isn't just the healing, but the exploration. It can be a literal expedition into unknown and unexplored realms."

"Only just now dipping my toes in becoming a psychonaut, but it seems like I picked the perfect time to do it." ~ DoesAllEvil


"antiwork? I can only see that happening if AI and robotics evolves to a point where they can do the same or better most things humans do."

"But work itself isn't a major problem for most people."

"Work is like laws and taxes, most people understand why they are needed, the troublesome part is the conditions in which we have to do or observe those things." ~ kokiri-geist

Pay Me


"Low wage labor movement is waking up and realising they deserve a wage they can live on." ~ TheVanta

Socially we are moving ahead.

We just have to ask greedy corporations to join us. We're hardly the first generation to try.

So let's see.



"Honestly - cryptocurrency."

"Yes it's in the news all the time, but how many people do you know that own physical coins?"

"I believe it's our generations chance in the way that boomers had/have property." ~ Judders_Luigi


"I think a lot of adults are getting into LEGO, but a lot still think that LEGO is just designed for kids."

"As an adult fan of LEGO, on one hand it's been awesome to see because more and more awesome 18+ sets are being released since so many people are getting into it."

"On the other hand, it's insane how quick sets sell out these days. LEGO does a lot of good stuff to counter scalping though." ~ Mirraco323


"Increasingly advanced 3D printing that allows people to use digital blueprints to build parts for firearms." ~ DarthContinent

"FGC-9 , it has already been done as a whole firearm. The entire thing can be 3D printed and assembled in a country with strict gun laws."

"No, I don't know where you acquire the prints for the FGC. And its still easier to make a zip gun or slam fire shotgun." ~ olafloc



"The critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV!"

"It has a free trial, and includes the entirety of A Realm Reborn AND the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime!" ~ XxMrMatiasxX


"I follow the word of God… on Twitter." ~ SniffCheck

"I follow the word of God posted to Twitter and cross posted to Reddit." ~ conifer0us

As soon as this info is ingested by most of the population, it's already retired and the next big thing is here.

But keep on staying on top of it all.

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