For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health... those are promises that are called upon and put to the test pretty quickly after I do.

People really should sit down and process those words and the meaning behind them before the big day.

Money can often be a burden, especially in relationships.

It's not everything but everybody should be on the same page about it.

It's especially important to be clear when one partner has been living a type vastly different from the other.

Does money define part of the ever after?

Redditor BugsRatty wanted to discuss want happens after certain types if "I Dos." They asked:

"Redditors who have married someone of a significantly greater or lesser socioeconomic level, how did you meet and how is it going?"

I've had a few rich significant others. It can be uncomfortable. I didn't learn soon enough to speak about the uncomfortable.


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"Just got engaged to the woman of my dreams, her mom was homeless and she’s been working minimum wage jobs since she was 16. Hopefully things turn out well, she’s sweet and kind and I honestly think I’m the lucky one." ~ Responsible-Laugh590

The Practice Girl

"My husband grew up very wealthy and very socially awkward. When he was 20, his mom had him take out the new maid so he could 'practice' on her. The mom did not expect him to propose. She was not amused. She cut him off until they had their second kid. This was like forty years ago. We’re still happily married." ~ HolaEverybody

Life is good...

"My wife's family is very wealthy and I grew up a poor country boy. They've been very welcoming and nothing but amazing. We met at a park a few years ago. She has a higher earning potential than I do because of her education, but I'm the breadwinner of the family right now. Life is good, we have everything we need and most things we want (excluding super expensive things)." ~ chewroxurface


"I was born in the 'favela' (Brazilian name for ghetto), always lived there and I met this woman at a mansion party that I went because my brother was a friend of one of the organizers, I've been studying hard as f**k for my whole life and now I work at a pretty big corp (got accepted two weeks ago), while she's the daughter of a plastic surgeon and lived at a very rich neighborhood here in São Paulo, we met, dated and we're engaged now."

"The funny part is that her family loves me, her father is a very nice man and her mom is pretty much an angel, all of them treat me really well. The weird part is that my family doesn't like her exactly for the fact that she came from a rich family, I already got into an argument with my mom because of this, my brother is the only one who really supports us." ~ Regular-Attorney-310

When at Sonic

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"I was making around 90k a year and she was a car hop at Sonic. We met through my sister n law at the time. We were married for 18 years, and the divorce." ~ No_Ordinary_3824

So far a mixed bag. You win some, you lose some. Ah sweet romance...

No regrets

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"Over 30 years after meeting and later marrying my beloved deep south redneck wife, no regrets! It's going well, and we've been able to forge a strong partnership. My elitist, aristocratic Japanese mom's inheritance helped not just us but those we care about." ~ MyAnvsIsBleeding

10 years this January...

"Not the biggest difference, but my girlfriend is definitely on a higher level than me. When we met (at a mutual friend’s birthday party) I was unemployed, she was a software engineer leading a team of people from all over the world, writing the kind of code that entire countries use to keep track of their economies. I was still living with my parents at 25, she was able to support herself in her own flat in the centre of town, no roommates."

"I got s**t GCSEs and never pursued higher education, she’s got the kind of degrees that give you letters after your name. We’ll have been together for 10 years this January - I do minimum wage restaurant work, she makes four times as much as me writing code from home and developing cool apps. I’m saving up for an engagement ring. :3." ~ SpookyVoidCat

And in the end...

"I grew up in public housing, lived on welfare and food stamps for a time, and attended college on scholarship. I met my husband in college when we had a class together and, later, when we met again during a protest of the first Gulf war. He was handsome, funny, and bold. I had no idea he was from a wealthy family until we were already engaged."

"We separated this summer after 26 years together but, in truth, our marriage had been over for several years. A health scare and slow drift into extremist politics changed him into a different person, the pandemic accelerated it until he was unrecognizable. Our son no longer speaks to him and his mother and brother are baffled by his behavior. We had 2 good decades together and raised a beautiful child, I'm just sad it ended like this." ~ HaupiaGoddess

Made it Work

"My wife grew up wealthy. Her dad is a doctor and exec of a local hospital, her mom is a professor. Both of my parents worked in a factory. My mom was a secretary and dad an electrician. I was the first in my family to go to college and got a computer science degree."

"I learned to budget well, lived within my means, and bought my first house at 23. I sold it a few years later and put myself through grad school where I met my wife. We have 2 beautiful daughters and a nice house. She’s a stay at home mom now and we live off my income. It’s going great." ~ HitNRun_

Mom's Tale

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"Not my story... But my mother was a single parent of two working 60 hours a week to provide for me and my sister."

"When I was around 5 , she met my step dad who was making 100k as a railroad engineer. They soon moved in together and my mom was able to spend more time with me and my sister. I'm now 18, they've been married for almost 4 years and together for 13." ~ BladeWolf26

It feels like money isn't always the obstacle. If you're going to be together forever, you make it work or you don't. For richer or poorer be damned.

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