Ways That People Instantly Lost Interest In A Crush After Getting To Know Them Better

It can be really easy to develop a crush. That’s because they usually happen before you really know the person you have a crush on.

Sometimes, when you really get to know the person you have a crush on, you find yourself falling in love with that person.

When I found out my first crush loved Harry Potter just as much as I did, I decided he was the boy I was going to marry.

Of course, since I was in second grade, things didn’t exactly work out between us, but I digress.

However, other times, getting to know the person you're crushing on leads to a piece of information that makes you instantly lose interest.

Redditors have plenty of experience with that and are ready to share.

It all started when Redditor wcypierre asked:

“What did your crush do that absolutely killed your interest?”

Can I Have Him?

"She asked if things didn’t work out, if I would mind if she went out with my roommate. I said I couldn’t possibly do that to him and left."

– Medicmike43

"Quick, we’re gonna need an ambulance for this burn."

– LuqmanLSG

Pay Me For My Time

"This was in college, we were acquaintances and had a few classes together. He was cute, funny, and I totally had a crush on him. He asked me out to dinner and a movie. At the restaurant he ordered the most expensive things on the menu. Apps, drinks, lobster, and even dessert. When the bill came he said “You got this, right?” I was so embarrassed I paid. Then I said I’d skip the movie because I wasn’t feeling well and he asked me to give him $20 for gas and for wasting his time. I didn’t and just left. Ugh!! After that he couldn’t seem to understand why I didn’t want to go out with him again."

– nancesans

Something Wrong With Her

"I was giving her a place to sleep when she was feuding with her mother. After weeks of picking up after her, I dared to complain. She had a screaming fit, packed up her crap and left. I was glad to be rid of her, until later it got around to me that she was telling people on FB that I kicked her out for refusing to give me oral sex. There is a lot I can forgive, but that was the first time I had ever had anyone just straight up make stuff up about me. F*ck you, A."

– PiercedGeek

Just Awful!

"Her: Why are you leaving a tip?"

"Me: Because...the service was really good?"

"Her: But she's fat."

– TheKoreanMango

"I nearly downvoted that because it's so egregious."

– insertcaffeine

He Was A Criminal!

"Bragged about drinking and driving. He told me that he and his friends have a “nothing under 100” club, where they drink and then drive on the interstate going 100+ mph and have to send a full-length snapchat video of the speedometer to each other."

"Two of my friends had been killed by a drunk driver 3 months prior."

– sarah_the_intern

"If someone told me they did that I would report them to the police and maybe slash their tires"

– drizzitdude

Happiest Place On Earth?

"We went to disneyland - where I had an annual pass - with my friends and family for an event called “Dapper Day” where you dress up in “dapper”clothing so everything looks very old timey. I had done it for years with my friends and he wanted to come, and my mom and siblings were going for the first time too. I was really excited as it was the first time he had ever met my family."

"Well, we went on one ride with my family and my friends and then he said “do you want to go on a ride just me and you?” I thought we’d come back and spend the rest of the day with them but as soon as we were out of earshot he was complaining about my family and how weird it was that they were there and he wanted to do disney with just me. But he had known they were coming so I was confused. Then we went on one more ride and he started complaining about how hot it was, how tired he was, and before lunch he wanted to go home. I was super upset but didn’t want him leaving on his own so I just went with him."

"But on the way home I wished I had just let him leave and I could have stayed with all the people I loved. It was the first time in years my sister and my mom had been to Disney and I didn’t know it then but it was the last time I got to go with my brothers before they grew up (and now they hate me)."

"He was just some dude I dated. Not a boyfriend or anything that lasted very long. I’m still so mad at myself for letting him ruin my day. But yeah, it absolutely killed anything I felt for him and we broke up a few days later."

– the-willow-witch


"I'm Black, she's Black, our crush was mutual. Then she found out that I was once in a relationship with a White woman. She then jumped down a rabbit's hole of my "betrayal" of the Black family, and some other nonsense of my trauma of self hatred. Never been turned off by anything faster than that."


"That reminds of an exact opposite situation I had in high school where this white girl in my class was borderline obsessed with dating black guys that made other black guys and girls really uncomfortable she dated this one dude in my computer science class that I talked to, and he told me that she likes black guys as a kink but not as a person"

– sebastian_ramirez05

"I've date both kinds of extremes when I've dated interracial. One girl was honestly only attracted to black/Latino men from a physical standpoint. She wasn't fetishizing us, just had a physical preference for us. Then I've dated another white woman who had watched way too much porn. It got so annoying.Thankfully it didn't get to an intimate relationship before I ended it."



"She slept with my dad"

– dimple_guy

"I would say “motherf**ker” but the term doesn’t work here"

– fukkin-sweeeet

"My ex had been previously engaged to a girl that slept with his Dad. It caused his parents to divorce and he still maintained a relationship with him. She had been 18 and he was in his 50's at the time. I was always so uncomfortable around him."

– Darkmoonlily78


"She invited me over to her place (not as a date thing, but just to hang out as friends). Her house was absolutely filthy and the glass of coke she gave me had a hair in it. She was really cute, had a great personality, and was a genuinely nice person, but as soon as I saw cat sh*t on the floor near the front door and just dirty everything my crush disappeared and I left in a hurry"

– tahsii

It's A Delicacy!

"She ate a live snail."

"I was in 6th grade."

– sp33dzer0

"She might be a masterchef now, pushing the boundaries"

– _malaikatmaut_

Users In More Ways Than One

"She offered to drive and picked me up in her car because we had plans to go out to dinner and get to know each other better."

"I realized after about 20 min she was not driving to the restaurant and instead stopped at a gas station to get into someone else’s car and buy drugs."

"Basically made me accessory to a drug deal under false pretenses."

– Deleted User

"Believe it or not this has sort of happened to me. The guy was driving us in my car and conducted a deal in a back streets of an industrial estate close to where I lived. I was baffled. I had big self esteem issues and we had been fooling around and I just didn’t even care about anything he did up til that point. I was so angry he had literally used my car to commit a crime!"

– MummaGoose

And That Was That

""We were in the process of getting together. She had called over and we spent an afternoon watching movies and sitting close together."

"By about 8 in the evening she was considering staying later and I was casually encouraging her. She asked if she could take a shower, and I was like “yeah, sure of course”. Glad that the bathroom was clean and tidy and I had fresh towels."

"Anyway about 4 mins later she calls me saying she needs help with the shower, and I give her a moment to get a towel around herself and knock on the bathroom door. She opens it completely naked, and shows me that she’s having trouble with the shower controls. So I’m kinda unsure whether to make the move or start with the controls so, I go with the flow and show her “this is hot & cold, this is pressure, this is rainforest, and this is power jets.""

"In the 5 seconds it takes me to do this she has sat on the toilet. Which is kinda a weird thing because I need to be able to make the next move. And she’s . . . Well she’s sitting on the toilet, naked, with the lid up. Looking all disinterested. I’m thinking “ahhh I’ve screwed it up” when suddenly . . ."


"And she takes a dump right in front of me."

"And then another one."

"I was just “uhmmm I’ll leave you to it.”"

– Reddit

Yikes! That would make me lose interest too!

Do you have any stories? Let us know in the comments below.

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