People Imagine What It'll Be Like To Explain 2017 To Their Grandkids One Day

People Imagine What It'll Be Like To Explain 2017 To Their Grandkids One Day

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We can all agree on that. But it's really interesting to consider: what is it like to live through a dark part of history? For example, how did people who lived their day to day lives during World War II feel?

Redditor smol-egg-pls was also curious, and asked:

The year is 2090, how will you describe 2017 to your grandkids?

Here were some of the answers, ya whippersnappers.

Old Man Yells At Cloud

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I'd be 115 years old so if I were still alive and coherent enough to speak; I'm pretty sure my description of 2017 would closely resemble a speech made by Grandpa Simpson.


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"It was lit, my dear beloved fam."


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If I lived that long it would probably be:


The Growing Price

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You could buy real chocolate from the corner store... with pocket change. You could enjoy real coffee without taking out a loan.

Revenge of Skynet

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ooohhh children, how young you are. I feel bad this is what the world has become, when I was a kid, we could go wherever we wanted, we weren't locked up by robots. robots served us instead... then Mecha-Hitler and Zombie Mao just, they just... I can't talk about that... 2019 was the last good year, and I hope you can live days as free as those one day


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No body ever saw it coming... I remember when the USA was the Global Superpower of the day, freedom and democracy reigned supreme in the world... After the 2nd Great Depression then the collapse and subsequent balkanization of the United States into smaller states, it happened... Canada attacked. I always knew they had been too good for too long. They invaded and flooded into the former United States with speed akin to that of the German blitzkrieg. No one was strong enough to stop them. Upon acquiring so much land, population and resources they started world war 3. Now we all live under the Canadian Empire, the past was so much better kids.

True 90s Kids

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"only 90s kids will remember this"

then I die.


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See, there used to be this thing called the United States...

Are You A God?

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2017 set the stage for God-Emperor Kushner to take control of the Union in 2036 and end the madness. We are eternally thankful.

The Truth

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And no one expected Donald Trump to become president, but yeah. That happened.

Always A War

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the entire year held the collective vibe of a history textbook paragraph titled 'before the war'


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"Well, kids, 2017 was....give me a minute, grandpa's gonna need a couple of percocet for this one."

Still Alive

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"Back then people still died from aging. Thank goodness that will never happen to you"

Molecule Movement

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Back in my day, we had to use legs to move from point a to point b. You lucky bastards can just teleport in a blink of an eye.


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"You could get into almost any building without even having to show the police your ID or finger print or retina scan. You could pay for stuff with cash and have no record of you ever buying it. Personal relationship laws weren't even in place yet. Such barbarism."


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I'll be 93 years old. And I won't shut up about the memes from the 2010s.


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"Back in my day, we didn't have these fancy 'cybernetic implants!' If we wanted to know something, we had to find a computer and typeit in to Google dot com, and we liked it!"


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They were rough times. We went to these places where we did stuff in exchange for something called money for 8 hours a day. This money was then used to go to other people and get the food and clothing we needed to live. We didn't have robots and AI to do everything for us. It was lit.


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Back in my day a lot of people tried to get rich by doing Youtube some did it well, some got lucky and some failed because no-one found their channel.

Love In The Time Of Tinder

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Relationships were hard work. We had to swipe right and sometimes we used to super like by accident

Planning Ahead

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I've been saving YouTube videos for 2 years, some public, some private. I plan to show my kids and have them do the same to show their kids me and them. Continue that until YouTube closes down, then just save all the videos and continue forever.

We're in a social media world, my grandkids will get the benefits of that.

A Different Earth

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"Back in the day, we could still go out without being afraid of burning to death. There were seasons, and frozen water falling from the sky. We were allowed to travel wherever we wanted, without gps-chips that only allow us to stay in a certain area. If we disagreed, it would be resolved by the court, not by playing chess against the great king. There was no great wall, borders could ne crossed. Injuries hurt, and the individual HP level did not exist. Death was brought upon ppl by accident or age, respawns were not possible. The classes were decided by money, not levels. Oh what a carefree time it was. Level up, children. " /goes into permanent sleep mode

True Millennial Problems

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Ill show them my soundcloud likes to describe the music that was poppin of the time. Tell them about the social media apps our lives revolved around. Then explain how i was 18, fresh into college, and that all i remember is the stress from that english 1A final research paper

This Seems Familiar

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It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy....

A Trial

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The Dark Ages of the 21st century.