You know that thing that just sets your hair on end and makes you clench your jaw? The thing you hardly ever tell anybody else because they would think you were silly.

Well, you're not alone in having those things bother you. They creep up on you like little demons and then drive you absolutely bananas before you even know it.

u/davefromSeattle2 asked:

What irritates you way more than it should?

Here were some of those answers.

End My Misery

When I feel a sneeze that continues to build and build and then... nothing.


This literally just happened to me and I'm livid! Instead of sneezing I farted. At least something happened but it wasn't the thing I wanted.


Knobbly Little Knot

The little knot bump on socks that sits in front of my baby toe.

Edit:. Well then. Many suggestions for Bombas, and inside out socks. Highest rated comment is about a knot on a sock. Lol. Oh ,I also recommend the novelty Stance socks. The star wars ones were great, and I currently have superbad. Also, their butter blend socks are nice too.


Color Coordination:

I recently bought a box of Sainsbury's Decaf Red Label tea.

The box is blue.

This has been bothering me all week.


The pet peeve is powerful, silly, and undeniable: a great mix of three things to be.

Good Little Trash

Being told to do something I am already in the process of doing.


Me carrying out the trash can.

Mom: Don't forget to put out the trash!

Me: What did you think I was doing?! Taking the trash for a walk?


Stop Invading My Space

People parking right next to me in a nearly empty parking lot, especially when I park near the back


Similiar, but urinal etiquette. There is an entire row of urinals to use (10), why you have to piss right beside me?


Calm Down Becky

Being told that I'm angry or crying when I'm doing neither


It's just a way to pre-emptively comtrol people's emotions, it's super manipalative


Sh*t irritates me too. Don't try to put emotions I don't have in me to make yourself feel more important. I'm not going to cry or get mad because you made an a**hat comment. I just let that sh*t go and move on.


No, I Promise, I Was There

When someone tells me I'm wrong when I know I'm remembering things clearly.


Omgosh, I hate this. Or they tell me that I'm remembering something that according to them never happened. B*tch, it did happen. You just don't want to admit it happen.


For some reason or another, this thing crosses our boundaries like nothing else in the world.

Noise Complaint!

Excessive loud noise. It just makes me feel on edge.


I hate how very few people seem to be aware or give a sh*t about the noise they make. Whereas I am acutely aware of the noise I make and I feel bad for having to make excessive noise (I live in an apartment).


Yertl The Turtle

Walking behind a group of people who are walking so slow. HURRY UP OR LET ME PASS!


And when they're also taking up the whole walkway/hallway. The hallways on the main floor of buildings at my uni are quite wide, and a group of 3 people can still manage to make it impossible for one person to pass..



yell hocus pocus GIF Giphy

Being told to calm down when I'm not angry or upset. I know people use that term as a power play to actually get you to to become upset.


Yeah jeez I was "debating" somebody who in every single comment either told me to calm down or pointed out how frustrated or upset I was. I reread everything and couldn't determine how any rational person could have interpreted what I said in that fashion, he was simply using it to try to get a rise out of me.

The conversation finally ended when somewhere in his comment he backpedaled because "how could I know that's what you meant I'm not a mind reader" and I responded by telling him since he isn't a mind reader he should probably stop trying to assume my emotional state, especially considering how it's irrelevant to the conversation at hand.

My life would be better if I stopped engaging with people on Reddit but I think ever since being socially starved it's been hard to not.


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