People Explain Which Things Absolutely Bring Out The Worst In People
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Even the most goodhearted people have something dark lurking inside of them. We're only a hairs trigger away from completely losing it most of the time, based on the kind of day or week or year we've had. While it's possible to keep it under control most of the time, it's only a matter of what sets us off, pulling the trigger, and causing the worst of us to arise.

Reddit user, u/666F-CkThEwOrLd666, wanted to shine a light on humanity's darkest traits when they asked:

What brings the worst out in people?

Nice To Keep In Mind

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I always liked the HALT rule.

If you're feeling Hungry, Angry, Late or Tired then it's likely things you say or do will come off worse than you intend.


Splitting Up Is Hard To Do

Divorce proceedings. Especially with kids involved.

It can turn a couple of average people into monsters.


ye but two christmases


Coming from someone who had their parents divorce at 10 I beg to differ on this. Spend the bulk of the day on the road with various people upset that you're not where they think you should be.


Seconds Of Your Life You'll Never Get Back

When you were told to wait 20 minutes and it's now been 21 minutes and you are still waiting


When You Feel Like You Have No Other Options



Absolutely this. Especially these days when people are stressed to f-ck and losing their income. Causes people to take drastic measures they wouldn't normally even consider.


The Power Of The Wheel



A person who is cut off while driving: "F u!!!"

That same person who is cut off while walking: "Oop! Sorry! After you!"


The Day Needs To Be Perfect

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My father is a minister. He says he would rather help with a funeral over a wedding any day. Weddings leave people with a sense of extreme desperation to achieve perfection.


The worst is when the expectation for perfection is from the mother of the bride and not the engaged couple. Nothing worse than two kids trying to have a nice day and momzilla just f-cking decimates it because she can't stand not being the center of attention for one moment.


Take A Breath, Relax Your Shoulders, Calm Down


Most of us are capable of being decent human beings who make a positive contribution to society. You add stress into the mix and people start to crack.

Financial stress, relationship stress, work stress, it doesn't matter. When our focus is pulled into simply surviving and staying afloat, our ability to empathize or provide support to others greatly diminishes.

I think this is tied in with the low morale we are all experiencing right now...we're all unbelievably stressed. I've seen some of the nicest people completely snap and act shockingly because they just can't take the pressure anymore.


Hell, they don't even have to be dead. When my great grandmother moved from her apartment to a nursing home some of her children and grandkids "helped" her pack up her apartment, by which I mean it was a full on feeding frenzy of theft. She was a 87 year old woman who had been widowed for about 50 years at that point so she certainly wasn't wealthy, but some of those people would have ripped down the wallpaper if they thought they could have sold it.


Passing On To Our Bank Account

When a loved one dies. People get really, really weird in a bad way about money and stuff. I know a bunch of people who had relatives who flat out stole money and valuables after the death of a family member. It's crazy. My own family has a permanent rift because when my grandmother died, two of the five siblings cleaned out her accounts.


Leftovers From Pain

Unprocessed trauma from childhood. As someone that is struggling with mental health, I'm only now beginning to understand why I do a lot of what I do. When our needs for love and acceptance aren't met, we seek out soothing behaviors that numb the pain.

It's really easy to end up in midlife with no real idea what it means to be happy and feeling no connection to others. As you begin to work on your issues, you find that the soothing behaviors are no longer as soothing because you know why you're doing it. So, you're stuck with the emptiness that you've always felt and no way to get out of the feeling.


The True Heart Of Darkness

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The word "free" in a retail or restaurant type of setting. People will trample one another, take ALL of the items so there aren't any for others, gorge themselves, try to sneak food out with them. It's disgusting.


I was going to say that.

The first manager who comped product due to poor service really screwed it up for everyone. Now I have to listen to someone who wants something for free because the box has a dent in it.


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