People Explain Which Insignificant Problems Actually Trigger Them Immensely

People Explain Which Insignificant Problems Actually Trigger Them Immensely

Human beings are not wired to handle inconvenience well. Simple, small problems can really frustrate or complicate a human's willingness to tackle a situation.

One of the worst things is when other humans make things harder for absolutely no reason. And then you have to step over and through other people in order to just make your simple goals come true.

So when Redditor TheUruz asked:

"What's an insignificant thing that triggers the sh*t out of you?"

Here are some of the answers.

Play-Your-Own Sound Designer

"The difference between Hulu's show volume and its ad volume."

"I'm literally considering cancelling it because of this. If you try to watch something to fall asleep to and you're just dozing off, hope to hell you're not watching Hulu because you're about to be hit with an air raid warning in 5 min."-IdontGiveaFack

Where Is The Liquid

"Actors waving coffee cups around in scenes where they are supposed to be full. Drives me nuts! Fill them with water or even epoxy for the weight for crying out loud."

"Rewarding to see how many people have noticed the Empty Cup. A few tv and movie production people are in the thread explaining why the cups need to not be 'live coffee', but there are a number of great suggestions that seem simple and workable."

"Fingers crossed that either actors are able to fake it better, or the props can give proper heft without endangering the production."-BaronWombat

It's Called Space, And When People Are This Good, It Matters

"When I was in college, I worked in a student union bowling alley. It was a pretty sweet gig, and most of the people (all students except for three) were decent people overall."

"The one that will stick with me forever, though, was a guy named Wes (real name. Shout out to you, Wes, if you see this). He was the ONLY person I've worked with in my entire life who had near perfect spatial awareness. We worked as one."

"Our main duties during the evening were doing shoe rentals, checking out lanes, selling beers and other drinks, taking money, etc."

"It was hectic behind the counter for just two people on busy nights, but we worked in absolute harmony. We always knew where the other person was."

"We could toss shoes to each other the way pro basketball players do no-look passes. Never bumped into each other. Never spilled beers dodging each other."

"Working with Wes was the most oddly enjoyable job experience I've ever had. Every night was like an unrehearsed ballet that still went perfectly."-GayAlienFarmer

It really is so funny how something this small can ruin your day.

Printy Printy Printy

"Me happily printing documents all day long."

"Me trying to scan a document."

"Scanner Message! 'This computer not found. Please make sure this computer is connected to the printer/scanner.'"

"Mother f**ker! I've been connecting to this printer all day! Are you really not going to scan for me right now?!"-Maxwyfe

Everyone In NYC Knows Your Pain

"When I'm behind people who are walking just that bit slower - I'd have to jog (or at least powerwalk) to get past them, or I have to go at a really uncomfortable slow pace."

"These are also the people who end up impossible to pass because they're weaving all over the place or hogging the pavement. I get unreasonably, unacceptably frustrated and angry fast."-pendingsweet

The Best 'Actually, You're Speaking To The Boss' Experience | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

During A Panorama?

"People with absolutely no self awareness or regard to someone's else's feelings. If your kid is sick, please do not have a cookout on the weekend inviting everyone over."

"Do not tell us to come over and eat/hang out and then once arriving tell us that your kid has been sick but 'everyone else is fine.' So f**king selfish."-pwa09

Ah The Lateness

"Littering. It tells me so much about you right away and its easily avoidable. As an inner city school teacher I cant explain how bad this problem is becoming."

"Calling off all the time. Doing it now and then is fine but people who call off every week for two days screwing over their other employees really starts to irritate me."

"I know there are a lot of exceptions but i feel like these people exploit those exceptions and people just seem to be like, OK."

"People who show up extremely late to plans. Bonus points if the plans are the late persons idea. I get the courteous 15 to 30 minutes late."

"Honestly thirty minutes is wayyy too late for me but I'm forgiving enough, but after that though not only are you being rude but to me your saying that your time is more valuable than mine and that's just disrespectful."

"I am shocked at how many times people will be an hour or longer late to plans. It bugs me to death"-karmagod13000

Like, why couldn't anything other than this extremely inconvenient thing happen?!


"Seeing someone I work with giving little to no effort. I would go to work and dread being on the same shift as let's call her Sarah. She was new so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Her job was to take food to the tables. That's it."

"Not to take orders or open tabs. She would open a tab and not charge them, move the tab and confuse me and the servers. And not to mention she would come in late. And when she did work she did it with the most rank attitude."

"I never said anything out of the way mean to her. She gets huffy with anyone who asks her to speak up I've noticed, even customers and management. So I had to ask her to speak up and she got mad and walked away in front of me and mgmt."

"She threw a hissy fit bc she had to go home cuz we had too many working that day. She threw cups across the counter into the kitchen out of pure anger."

"And nobody can keep up with the lies she tells us. On top of that she asked me (I'm a female) 'are you pregnant or are you just fat?'"

"I had to play it cool cuz I needed the job, but I just want to say something nasty to get her back. I will accept any witty come backs."-IamMyOwnDad1

Traffic Trolls

"People in grocery stores who do that slow walk with their carts in the middle of a tight and crowded aisle, you know the ones I'm talking about."

"Also people who accelerate very very slowly at a green light, like going 15mph a full 5 seconds after the light changes, so everyone behind them has to wait and traffic gets super backed up."-PlaguePandemic2000

Blinkers Are A Sign Of Weakness

"Drivers who don't use their directional blinkers in advance of their actions."

"If they're about to enter an intersection and I'm waiting to make a turn through a steady stream of oncoming traffic and then they just turn instead of going through the intersection, well duh, they're turning."

"If they'd signaled their intentions even a second ahead of their turning I could have proceeded, but instead I'm left sitting there until another break in oncoming traffic occurs."

"This can happen several times in a day and I'm often left wondering why people are so selfish, or ignorant, or lazy, or just stupid. Usually New York plates, I've noticed."-DogeBisquits

Did you see something in here that absolutely makes your blood boil? Something you feel you should have better control of yourself over?

Well, if anything about this is comforting, it's that you might be picky and easily annoyed, but you are not alone. The entire human race is, no matter how much we try to pretend otherwise.

When you gotta go, you go.

That should be a mantra for getting rid of the toxic people in our lives.

Not every relationship is meant to last forever.

Some people don't know how to be friends.

They are awfully good at pretending though.

Be vigilant of the signs and red flags.

Toxic people are crafty.

And once you're free, never look back.

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