People Explain Which Awful Companies Keep Tricking Their Customers Into Staying

People Explain Which Awful Companies Keep Tricking Their Customers Into Staying

We live at the mercy of our corporate overlords in 2020.

Many of the services we rely on daily are delivered to us by companies that know we need them, and as such, deliver less than...good service.

And yet, customers are forced back, as they have no other options.

u/True_Naeblis asked:

What companies keep tricking you into giving them just one more try despite you knowing better?

Here were some of those answers.

Internet Service Providers Are All The Same

I moved into a new home last year, and BT had a deal in place with the estate developers to install Fiber Direct to Property boxes. This meant I was forced into using BT as my ISP, and couldn't go with anybody else for at least 12 months.

They're more expensive than any other ISP in terms of price vs speed over here for the average consumer, so I was effectively bullied into having them as my ISP. When I explained this to three different sales folk on the phone, they gave no sh!ts, and wouldn't offer my ANYTHING to incentivise, assumingly because they had the monopoly and knew I could go nowhere else.

Now they have the audacity to offer me a rock bottom price after I've said I'm leaving - and I won't be accepting their offer, I choose to vote with my wallet on this, its now more about principle than price :(


A Multi Trust

Walmart. I come from a small city so there's only a few places to shop, so when I needed something specific I'd go there only to remember that Walmart has just enough nothing to seem like it has everything. Each time I came out I promised myself it was the last time, but then I went back because surely they would have the thing I'm looking for


I've Been Burned Before

Ben & Jerry's.

It's not because they make a bad product (it's wonderful) or because I think they have unethical business practices (quite the opposite). It's just that every time I find a flavour that I think, My God, that's delicious, I wish I could eat this forever, it gets discontinued. So far I've lost Minter Wonderland, Bohemian Raspberry, Berry White, and Fossil Fuel. At this point I'm just scared to love again.

And then last year I had their Birthday Cake ice cream. I give it six months.


But Those Donuts Always Bring Me Back

Tim Hortons.

The coffee isn't as good as it used to be and the one local here has a bad habit for somehow messing up simple orders.

Like a bagel. Plain, cream cheese. Simple.

Got handed a glazed donut once. Thankfully they are pretty nice and have corrected mess ups without question before and it's not too often.


The Price For Convenience


I know it's highway robbery and I end up paying for double what I ordered every single time....But I'm also lazy (which is what they count on).


Even After You're Dead

My sister passed away recently from colon cancer and I had to go through her bank account to cancel automatic withdrawals she had set up. $30 to a dog rescue charity in Korea, a YouTube subscription for a guy that fixes cows hooves $30/mont, another one for another you tuber, another dog charity in US, and she was on auto delivery for HP printer ink, and had so many extras in suppl because of that, and auto delivery for some personal items from Amazon. Trying to figure out how to cancel the automatic payments was not easy because she had set most of them up through their websites or pay pal and I had to hack my way into her pay pal account to shut them off.


The Infamous Glitches May Cease

I have heard, third hand from a Bethesda employee, that the people who used to run the company were all venture capital investors. This is the reason why they never updated the game engine from the oblivion one. "Too much money, the current one works fine" Hopefully now that Microsoft games has them, they will be able to get some much needed cash flow top make a new engine.


RIP 2011 Netflix


I keep paying every month waiting for good new shows but all they have is a few good shows I already watched and a bunch of trash

Netflix is the digital version of the Walmart $5 DVD bin


Too Much Sugar In Mah Tea

The McDonald's right by my house. Every once and a while I want a sweet tea from McDonald's. So I say to myself "don't go to that one, go to the far location." And then I get in the car and realize I don't want to drive 10 minutes each way just for a $1 tea and I stop at the one by my house.

"It'll be different this time."

It never is.

Somehow this McDonald's doesn't know how to make sweet tea. It takes three ingredients; water, sugar, tea. That's it. And yet every single time I get a tea from there it is disgusting. Either they have tripled the sugar content and it tastes like I've buried my face in a bag of sugar OR they don't know how much water to use and it's a watered down version of sweet tea running at 15% capacity.

I'm sure McDonald's corporate has made this very, very easy on them. I've seen those big containers they keep the stuff in, and I imagine things are labeled with very clear instructions. Use this much of this, this much of that, etc. But for whatever reason they just simply can't figure out this exceptionally confounding puzzle.

This McD is fairly new. They opened shortly after I moved into my house so maybe it is 2 years old or so. When it first started happening I thought "don't worry, they'll figure it out" but they didn't. They still struggle with the idea of tea-sugar-water. I have no hope for this to change anytime soon and I swear I won't go back, but I know I will. My laziness is far stronger than their ability to mix ingredients.

(OK obviously this was a bit of an exaggeration but no joke I would say 30-40% of the time their tea is undrinkable. How is that possible they screw that up so often?!?!)


No More Corporate Cable Companies


Garbage service, constantly goes down, blames everything else but their own poor service EVERY TIME.

I was legitimately afraid to change anything on my account ever because I was afraid they would mess up my account somehow.

When I started service it took THREE SEPARATE ACCOUNTS and TWO DIFFERENT CABLE TV BOXES before they could get my internet working. MY INTERNET.

I had my own brand new modem and didn't even care about watching cable on TV.

F*** Comcast.


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