Not sure if it's obvious, but there are people everywhere.

And, hidden within those masses, skulking in the shadows, are people you will hate. It's okay, not everyone has to be your friend. Sometimes if you know the one character type you don't enjoy being around it's easier to navigate life, and that's what we're here to do today: think about all the people we don't like.

Reddit user, u/Protestucatto, wanted to hear about:

What type of person do you insanely hate?

Planting Seeds You'll Reap Later

People that have children, and then don't love or care for them


And then complain when their kid doesn't want to interact with them and be a part of their life.


Parent: "But why cant I be a part of your life?"

Me: "Oh geez, remember that time you neglected, abused, embarrassed, degraded, and mentally damaged me for like 13 years and then made me feel bad for YOU abusing ME?? Plus you're a sh-tty human being"

Parent: *Stares in surprised Pikachu"


Breaking The Silence

Those people that talk over the phone with the speaker blasting in public. Like... why?


Or the people who blast music in public spaces, especially hiking/walking trails.


We find it so annoying in the UK we actually have a term for it, "sodcasting".


There's Probably Only One Person Out There Like This...

People who insist they are righteous and have no flaws, who believe anything said against them or their beliefs are inherently wrong.


Lies! That's Betty White!


Correlation = Causation

Supervisors who berate employees in front of their coworkers in an attempt to humiliate and embarrass them.


They also tend to be the type of people that wonder why their workplace has a high turnover of employees.


Always Need To Be One Step Higher Than You

Someone who needs you to know, they're better than you, or smarter than you.

If you meet someone like that, they are neither better or smarter than you.


I'll take it a step further:

These same people that want you to know how much better they are than you, instantly judge you. I work with a ton of these people. I am an individual contributor at my company but I used to be a district manager and I chose to change directions in my career. I work with so many aholes that know nothing about my experiences who try to belittle me and act like I know nothing and do nothing compared to them. I usually laugh and shake my head then get on with my day.


Can't Recognize The Fault In Themselves

People who demand you listen to their every problem, but as soon as you complain about something it's "boo hoo stop being so whiny".

My family's mastered this art to absolute perfection.


That's Really A Twofer, But We'll Let It Slide

Racists and people who without reason try to ruin someone's life.

Also animal abusers.


Do They Want To Talk To Your Manager? You Better Believe It.

Entitled people


Working in the service industry I have come to loathe these types of people. I never knew just how entitled folks could really get till they'd start arguing with me over a 45 cents price increase or having to wait more than five minutes when they showed up two hours early. Oh, you demand a discount? Of course your highness!


Life's Not Single Player. It's Co-op.

People who always blame other people for their problems


Especially when they are also self-righteousness


Really it boils down to people who think life is a single player game.


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