It's easy to forget what true excitement feels like. When you can't contain yourself and your hands start to shake, surging forward with the uncontrollable urge to run, to jump, to do anything but stand still staring at the thing you want. As you grow older those feelings are metaphorically beaten out of you through time, but it can come back occasionally under the right circumstances.

Reddit user, u/takaperoinen-miete, wanted to know:

What gives you that "kid in a candy shop"-feeling?

Seeing The Dusty Alongside The Clean


A really good independent bookstore that stocks both new and used books, e.g. Powell's in Portland OR. No feeling like it.


Just Look At All The Art Pens...

When I walk into a hobby shop or art supply place. Just endless possibilities.


I'm at nightmare at Michael's. Just drop me off and come back in two hours.


Gotta Find The Good Ones

Thrift stores. Never know what you'll find. People donate some real gems but I especially love finding the bizarre sh-t. Each time feels like a treasure hunt.


Wait Till The Overture...

Orchestras. I go starry eyed and it completely blows me away. Its top of my bucket list to go by myself in a beautiful ball gown and see a live orchestra performing all the classics. I've only ever seen them on my phone


Oo I do this! It really is something. People have forgotten that these arts encourage a level of decorum and even the workers commend my party on our dress haha

I recommend looking into whatever big city is near you and their concerts or opera or ballet, they have different themes shows and artists every couple weeks. If you only plan on going a couple times, research the concert hall to find the best bang for your buck seat.


Glad I'm Not The Only One With An Extended Wish List

Steam sales


I just instabuy whatever is discounted on my wishlist and then proceed to never playing them.


Just Like Calvin Did

The forest. I forage wild foods and find a lot of really old things left behind - like axes, traps, old mining equipment, old cars etc


Nature is so beautiful, I live on a mountain and our country is shutting down because of coronavirus so I'm just gonna be hiking all the time of the weather is good enough


Going To The Source

Stores located in the same country as the manufacturer of whatever they sell. For example Yonex is a sports company from Japan, and the stuff they send overseas has much less variety than what they put on the domestic market. So checking out stores in Japan that carry Yonex stuff is an awesome experience, I'm constantly surprised by seeing things that I didn't even know existed.


Lookit All The Good Boy Sneks...

Pet shops.

I get to ogle at all the cool reptiles that I can't own, while buying food for the current cool reptile I do own


I Can Get What I Want!

usually being hungry, and then having money to buy/get what food you want, and you can choose


It's Sooo Fresh!

Most recently, I walked into a fish market on a wharf in New England. It was one of those places where the boats that caught all that beautiful ocean seafood are tied up on the other side of the shop - like you walk in on the north side of the shop, and the ocean is literally on the other side of the south wall of the shop.

So much beautiful incredibly fresh seafood.


Seriously. BOOKS, PEOPLE.

This probably marks me as being remarkably lame, but I always get a thrill of excitement when I walk into a certain variety of shop that sells secondhand books.

For as long as I can remember, I've associated stores like that with a feeling of there being magic in the air. Walls lined with leather-bound tomes and yellowed manuscripts have always given me the idea that I might find a spellbook or a compendium of lost secrets, and even though the rational side of my mind knows better than to get carried away, the sense of mysticism-induced enthusiasm has stuck with me.

Mind you, some of that may have been prompted by the specific shop that I visited when I was a kid.

In addition to rare editions of various novels (and so on), there was also a prominently displayed copy of some borderline-pornographic coffee table book, its cover depicting a barely covered woman.

Suffice it to say that I spent quite a bit of time glancing in that direction.

TL;DR: Bookstores make me feel like a kid in a candy shop... for more than one reason.


It's Like Liquid Adult Candy!


Liquor store that has a "build your own 6-pack" with tons of options.


I was wondering when someone would say liquor stores. Whenever I see a new one, I spend around 30 minutes browsing each shelf and making sure I analyze everything so I don't miss any bottles in weird places. Never know what you might find.


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