People Explain Which Simple Tasks They Never Managed To Master

Yes I Can!

Sometimes you're just not meant to master something. Some people can't swim, others can't figure out Geometry -- WHY DO WE EVEN NEED GEOMETRY ANYWAY?! It's ok not be brilliant at everything. We all have our strengths and weaknesses... that is life. It does make any of us less special than the next person. Let's chat about it.

Redditor u/Stationerylover_ wanted to know who would admit that they finally hit a wall by asking.... What's something that you've never learned to do?

Before Dark.


Hold the light just right for my dad. bestestbuddy

Lol lol lol, that was strategic failure--the sooner he got pissed, the sooner he'd send you back to whatever you were doing. JeeplessinSeattle

 "There are no electrons"

I really want to understand how electricity works. Like Volts and Amps and Current and Watts and all that stuff. I've read and watched videos but it just doesn't click for me. BobDogGo

Try the book "There are no electrons". It reads more like a novel than a text book. pyrosteve75

And when you understand it a bit better you can watch YouTubers like eevblog, electroboom, Bigclive etc. SA1278


Going to sleep at a reasonable time. Been like this since I was teen and I don't see it changing anytime soon. Bkgrime

Been that way more or less since I could talk. I had a bedtime when really young, but I'd play or read in bed. Parents eventually gave up trying to force the issue. Sleeping just always seemed like a waste of time, especially at night when things were quiet and you could get stuff done. yParticle

Realizing Later. 

How to deal with confrontation. My dad had anger issues when I was growing up and he would scream at us. It was terrifying and now as an adult idk how to handle arguments with anyone. I just get so scared and anxious. rattus-domestica

I'm kind of the opposite. My mom was extremely angry and screamy growing up and now I have trouble getting into an argument without losing my temper. I don't lash out physically and I do my best not to verbally but a mix of a certain tone and a raised voice just put my fight or flight at an instant 10. I'm working on it but it's so embarrassing. blizard_lizard19

Tie Me Up. 

Tie a tie. I'm 32 and have worn a tie about 5 times in my life and have to google it every time. ElToberino

My dad is 66. He doesn't wear a tie every day but has to for work things two or three times a month. Whenever he used to buy a new tie, he would bring it over to his dad on his next visit and my grandpa would tie it for him and my dad would just loosen the loop to put them on over his head and then tighten again and never untie them.


Even when he had Alzheimer's my grandpa still tied my dads ties. After my grandpa passed away in 2008 he has resorted to googling it occasionally but mostly just avoids buying new ones. Most of his ties still have the knot my grandpa made. Pinglenook


I've always wanted to learn how to write. I write a lot for school and work, but damn - when I read other people's works I'm constantly astounded.

Who woulda thought my inadequacies were so universally shared? AmIGoingToCollege

Head over to r/writing if you haven't already.

The main thing you MUST do in order to write... is write. It doesn't have to be good. It just has to be done. And much of writing is REwriting, editing mostly.

Also, read. Read a lot. Read good writing. But also read bad writing! Learn what works and what doesn't work. Read that crappy writing and then write a paragraph or two rephrasing what you just read in a way that YOU like.

And write what you know!! If you know nothing of Elves and Dwarves and crap, but you know a TON about Medieval Slavic History, don't write about the damn Elves and Dwarves and crap, write about Medieval Slavic History. itsthevoiceman

A Second Talk. 

Learn a new language. Have tried multiple times and ways but can't seem to stick with it which sucks because I would love to be able to be speak fluently in a second language. cid_highwind_7

  1. Travel to France
  2. throw passport away
  3. ???
  4. Profit MerleErEnPerle

Salt water issues....

Swim underwater without holding my nose. I wish I could but I just haven't really been able to get the hang of it. Santa-Carla-Vampire

I was around 8 or so on a cruise when a older boy, around 11 or 12, saw me holding my nose when I went under water in the pool, and he sat with me for a while and taught me.

We would practice by putting our hands on the edge of the pool, and dunking ourselves underwater and he told me to exhale through my nose. Over and over again until it stuck. Then, he swam with me.

I'll never forget that boy and his kindness! If you're out there, sir, thank you! I still remember. happycasss

Say Hi. 

Talk to people without them talking to me first. I always end up feeling left out on stuff. lilliferaft

Same here.

I'm forcing myself to try new things -- like, there's a wood carving class I've signed myself up for -- and I'm trying to say "hello" to a few people and to talk to the person I'm sat next to.

I've been literally on my own every day for years now, so I'm trying to force myself to be a person again. elegant_pun

DMV Fail.


Drive. rumdiggie

Don't worry, most people who do drive apparently never learned either. V1per41


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