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You never expect your friendships to end, but they will.

This is not to say that all friendships dissolve. You might come across that one friend who sticks by your side, arm in arm, until the end of time and life. However, there are instances when a friend group reaches its natural conclusion, be it through outside means or being wrecked from within. It's important to recognize the reasons why and be able to grow from them.

Reddit user, u/notafrequentflyerr, wanted to know what caused you to walk away when they asked:

Have you ever separated from your entire friend group, if so, why?

Drifting Away

Sometimes it's no big event that causes a splinter in a group. Most times its a lack of proximity, or something even smaller than that, that can take a friend group apart from the inside.

And As We Go On, We Remember...

When I was in college, I was friends with a group who was older than myself. A few of them graduated and then all of the rest graduated the year before I did. In my senior year, I had no friends left.

The group never reunited again.


Not Once, But Twice!

Yeh but it wasn't planned. The first time it was that they transferred to different schools, and the second time it was that they ended up in different classes than me. (2 different friend groups I should add)


Kids, Man

I had a very tight friend group growing up and into adulthood. Lived together, partied together, never fought or had much drama at all. We thought it was always going to be this way. But as you get older and one by one your friends find a good career, find a partner and get married and have kids or they move away theres just not much time to do the things we used to do when we were younger. My best friend and I were inseparable for 20 years, did everything together. He got married some years ago, had a kid and is a dedicated husband and father, he's great at both. But now we hardly ever get to see each other and barely even talk or even text. Getting old sucks.


A Rock Through The Friendship Window

A friend group might be shattered from outside. Maybe a new member joins, or maybe a traumatic event begins to affect someone in the group, slowly eating away at the bonds that brought you all together to begin with. You can't stop it, you can't predict it, and there's nothing that can be done to repair what was dissolved.

Feeling Like You're Dragging Everyone Down

Yes it started when I pushed them away mainly for the fact that I was going through a lot mentally and also didn't want them get dragged in the business I was getting myself into.


A Nail In The Friendship Road

Yes. A girl who was friends with my wife and another friend of ours joined our friend group. Turns out she had a crush on my wife and tried to convince her to leave me. She became increasingly hostile towards me and accused me of being some sort of stalker and convinced at least a couple of our friends of it. She's no longer with the group, but neither am I, really. We both left after me, her, and my wife all had a really big fight.


They'll Drag You Down

Some friend groups are uplifting, inspiring, pushing one another to be the best versions of yourselves that you all possibly can be. However, toxicity can be a common trend in certain friend groups and the self-awareness of this can lead you away from them for the better.

Too. Much. Drama.

There is soo much drama. He likes her, she doesn't like him, she said this, they did that. GOD, how about we actually have an intellectual conversation for once? I'd rather be alone than be friends in that group again. Luckily I now have a very close tight knit group of friends who I actually share similar interests with.


Taking Care Of Your Own Well-Being

Yes. They didn't respect the fact that I quit drinking and doing drugs and would constantly try to get me to join in.


You already know that, but I want to say it anyway. You did the right thing. Keep strong.


Getting The "Kids" In The Relationship

I was kicked out. Had a fallout with my galpal after I sort of stood up for myself from our toxic relationship. She took the whole friend group with her. For years they were the sole reason I come back to my hometown, because I love seeing them, organized dinners and stuff. Then POOF they just disappeared.

Broke me for years.


At the risk of sounding selfish, a friendship should give you something positive, something beneficial. Whether that's a comforting ear or a hug (when we're all allowed to again), if a friendship isn't making you feel good deep down, then that's not a friendship worth investing in.

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