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Oh the things people hide, or just let hang out in the open. What is that old saying? Make sure you always have clean underwear on in case you're hit by a bus. You don't want the paramedics to think ill of you. And if you die, what will people find in your sock drawer that is unexplainable? So it's pretty clear our houses are full of surprises, but it's always interesting when we stumble across some unexplainables at the homes of loved ones.

Redditor u/MorsesTheHorse wanted everyone to fess up about the times they've visited friends and then felt like running away by asking... What's the weirdest thing you've seen at a friend's house?

I once walked into a friend's parent's house and they had half naked mannequins on display. They were dressed in just bottoms, no tops. There were several of them strewn about the land. Like, why? Some of them had drawn on faces too. It was creepy, and as much as I was intrigued, deep down... I didn't want to know. And for some reason, they didn't want to tell me.

All This Stuff

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My parents are basically hoarders. They even admit it. Recently I had a friend over and she was absolutely horrified by how much junk we have. She insisted we clean the basement. We spent hours cleaning and only got a corner of our basement done. Kind of sad.



I thought that it was awesome there was no furniture at my best friends house in middle school. Just mattresses on the floor and one dining room table & chairs. Nothing else.

In the 1980's a toy called a 'disc gun' was popular which would shoot out a spinning piece of plastic about the size of a nickel.

No furniture or really much of anything in the apartment meant we couldn't lose the discs.

In reality it was that my friends mom had been killed in an accidental shooting and his father was so depressed he had trouble caring for the family. They moved regularly and had no furniture.


Needing Color

Her mom had a 'white room'.

White carpet, white couch, a piano and a credenza filled with china and figurines.

Nobody was allowed to ever go in there because it would dirty the room. Couch was covered in plastic I think.

It was just bizarre to me as a 5 year old to have a room that nobody can go in.

Other friends, unfortunately you see how many people are hoarders. That, or I just somehow made friends with lots of kids of hoarders.


Got Syrup?

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A pancake on the stairs. No plate. Just a bare pancake. When I asked why there was a pancake on the stair my friend responded "because I didn't want to eat it" as if that explained anything.


Even to this day...

I went to visit this friend for the first time and she gave me a house tour. I remember there was a hallway with two standard size doors (her and her sister's room respectively) and a purple mini door at the end of the hallway, it reached just about my mid thigh. She didn't open that door, just told me it was her parents' bedroom. But later I saw her parents in the living room and they were regular size people. Until this day I ask myself how and why.


What in the world is happening behind closed doors? Do we even feel like we can handle that answer? Who just leaves a random pancake? I'm so confused. Shall we continue?

"This is on y'all" 

Lol... one day my sister and her friends had gotten home from school early somehow, and they all hid behind our couch to jump out and scare me as I had taken the bus and walked from the stop in my neighborhood to home.

I chose that day (very hot and humid) to walk through the door and immediately take off my pants, exclaiming that "I have the worst case of swamp butt right now."

Cue them all jumping out laughing their butts off. I'd never done that before, never did after. I was in 9th grade and finally gaining self confidence and figuring myself out, so I just said "This is on y'all" and walked upstairs. They all occasionally mention it to this day.



This was back in the 90s, in case that matters.

A family friend's dog had died. I ended up going over a few days later to play basketball, and the dog was laying in its usual spot, in a small bed near the tv in the living room. i said "oh i thought spot passed..." and he said "he did."


They left the freaking dead dog just laying there. Turns out they were gonna bury it that weekend, when sister could come home from college, but in the meantime they just left it laying there. wtf.

It was an emaciated old chihuahua, so it's not like it was a gassy, swollen, stinking mess. more like a tiny little dog mummy, all dried out and crap, but still. who freaking does that?



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An entire bowl filled with cat hair... her mother was saving it to make dolls.


A Luggie...

Casually spitting directly into their carpeting.


I'd occasionally have to ask about stains that don't shine in blacklist, but stand out in the carpet in low traffic places. An uncomfortable number of times it's been 'my husband occasionally just spits on the carpet there'.

Odd, but not the oddest for me.



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Not particularly something I've seen (thank God), but something my friend told me. I asked her where the toilet paper was in the bathroom and she said 'we don't really wipe our butts in this house'. Girl what?!


People are just weird. That is really what this thread is about. Be honest, after reading this, who is rummaging through their home trying to hide somethings? I am. Gotta go.

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