People Describe The Stupidest Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them With The Utmost Confidence

People Describe The Stupidest Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them With The Utmost Confidence

In the words of the Scarecrow from The Wizard Of Oz, sometimes people without brains do an awful lot of talking.

You have likely met one of these people. They are your coworkers, your family members, your acquaintances,

And you know the secondhand pain you experience when they open their mouths.

u/eljayok13 asked:

What's the stupidest thing someone has said to you with confidence?

Here were some of those answers.

Outer Shpace

Space was created by Disney to further the hoax of space/earth being round. He was dead serious, and he quoted "his own brain after much research" as his source. I wish I was kidding.


Poor Taste

"You should try to incorporate cinnamon and apple cider vinegar into your diet, then you can get off the insulin and use more natural products to control your blood sugar"

I'm a type 1 diabetic


North Is Fixed

A distant cousin, who has long been a complete dumb*ss, once told me that whatever direction she is facing is north.

It came up when I was on the phone giving someone directions and she was nearby. I said something like "go north on (x) street, then take a left on (y), etc". She overheard me and said that I didn't make any sense because whatever direction you're facing is north, so north changes depending on which way you are facing. I said "no, north is north, it's only the direction you're facing if you happen to be facing north" and she started arguing with me over it.

She definitely was not just messing with me because she is dumb that has a long history of saying really stupid things.


But The Dogfights

Probably not the stupidest but, "they didn't have planes in ww1" this was said while we were playing battlefield one from a highschooler who has seen its the great pumpkin charlie brown at least a couple of times.

Also, to make this better this happened on three separate occasions.


Seems Too High Stakes

My Sgt while I was on active duty fairly new to the base said straight up "why are you always trying to learn all the time, just stop it it's stupid."

He didn't like it that I asked questions about wtf I was doing and why I was doing it. How else was I supposed to know how to do my job?


Dumb Reps

"So many bills are constantly coming through and getting voted on every day. You kids have no idea. There's so many, no one even has time to read them, we just pass law after law after law all the time."

This was our state representative that came as a special guest to our college political science class. He also couldn't answer any of our questions because he had no idea what we were talking about, and then he abruptly got up and left, saying he forgot he had another appointment.


Can Confirm It Snows In NY

A visiting professor insisted that Daylight Savings Time is needed at latitudes closer to the equator instead of farther from the equator. She then claimed that she lived in the USA for a while and she had experienced DST herself. Her reasoning was that New York observes DST and New York was near the equator.

When I pointed out that it snows in New York and it's not close to the equator, she claimed that she had been there and it never snows in New York.

We live in India, within the tropics and we don't observe DST but she claims we are far from the equator. She was easily the most arrogant piece of sh*t I have ever met. She was wrong about so many things but aggressively yelled what she thought was right.


Your Accent

I had a roommate in college who visited Spain and thought that it was hilarious that people there commented on his accent. Per him: "I don't have an accent. I'm an American." Tom, you're one of the reasons that people think that we're all stupid.

In a similar vein, a friend of mine in college had a boyfriend from the UK. You would not believe how many people asked him how he was able to speak English so well. It was horrifying.


Why Are We Electing These People

Super conservative buddy of mine..swear to god i love him to death.

We had a debate about global warming, green energy and using oil/fossil fuels for energy.

I pointed out that regardless of how you feel about fossil fuels, we would have to eventually move on to something else because theres a limit to using oil.

He said in a drunken stupor.."WE"RE GONNA FIND OIL ON THE MOON AND MARS!"

Told him the conversation was over after that since he didn't understand where the heck oil came from..I still mess with him about it once in awhile



A few of my coworkers and I went out to eat after work to a local bar and grill, one of my coworkers is pescatarian. Another one of my coworkers, Chris, is prone to speaking with absolute confidence about things he has incredibly little knowledge about.

Janise (pescetarian) orders Buffalo shrimp (which is listed under a header of "wings and bites") Chris with supreme confidence corrects her and says "no dear those are wings" he got possibly the dirtiest look I've ever seen as the table started laughing at him uncontrollably



When my laptop had a lag spike, my friend told me the laptop was 'hacking' itself.


What a pane 

"I wish there was a window in between us so I didn't have to look at you."


Time zoned out

"How can it be 9 AM here (Toronto) and 6 AM in Vancouver, at the same time?" - a work colleague, years ago. I tried to explain it but it didn't work.

Wow, this resonates with a lot of people. I remember that she was a very sweet and kindhearted lady and she really could not understand it. I think she lacked some basic knowledge so the concept of timezones was too advanced for her.


Anatomy check

Was talking with a few friends and one of them got on the topic of going to a gynecologist appointment and said, "Well, while he's down there, he might as well do a prostate exam." Chaos ensued when she refused to believe that women didn't have a prostate.


Definitely right

I used to work in a lab where origami was a pretty big thing, so there were origami figurines all over the place.

Some guy comes to visit and comments on the figures and says "Those are nice, what are they called? Macramé?"

I said "They're origami."

He responded, "I'm pretty sure it's macramé. I'm usually right about this sort of thing."

I'm usually right about this sort of thing!



There was a guy I knew from the UAE in college with me. We were talking about track and field for some reason and he blurts out "Ya, women shouldn't be running so fast because their ovaries will burst".

He was absolutely serious and insisted this is a well-known fact taught in High School biology.


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