People Describe The Strangest Things About Their Body
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Human bodies are weird, man. And at times, they're completely unexplainable. Like, I can link my arms and bring them around my body all the way, without letting go. Don't ask me how I figured it out, but weird, right?!

Turns out, a lot of people experience things with their bodies that sometimes even science can't fully explain. Here are a few examples!

U/yOculus asked: What's a rare characteristic your body has?

​Some of these rare traits can be oddly enviable. At least, for me.

2% of people are vampires???

My armpits never smell. I don't use body deodorant. My ex would comment on how I don't get a body smell despite sweating like crazy. Apparently this is a thing that exists for 2% of people.


Results are in! You're a vampire.


As someone who is constantly cold, I’m jealous.

Deep Snow GIFGiphy

My body is just really warm all of the time for some odd reason. No idea why, but I seem to have a tolerance for cold weather. Unless its freezing outside, I can just walk outside in a T-shirt during the winter months and not feel super cold. People look at me mad, but I get too warm if I have a coat on. It has its downsides though - in the summer months I am extremely hot, and whenever I'm not at work I wear shorts at all times.


That’s sick af.

I have vitilligo around one of my eyes. It looks really cool when I'm in a dark room with a black light on!


Same. Except it looks like I'm constantly wearing eyeshadow and I always get asked that. Especially in middle school, I remember girls would be like "omg you're so lucky your parents let you wear make up" LOL


​However, other bodily quirks are just plain......well, disturbing, to put it lightly.

Nope nope nope.

I have a short row of eyelashes that grow from the inside of one of my upper lids. I have to pluck them before they get long enough to scratch my eyeball. Just part of my normal morning routine.


My grandma has the same issue, but it takes really long and they grow really weird. So she got a "surgery" where they cut the ingrown side of the eyelashes and a tiny amount of that skin off with a laser so it won't grow back there for at least a few months to a few years, depending on the case.


Excuse me, what?!


I'm partial Situs Inversus. Meaning, some of my organs are flipped on the wrong side. My heart, lungs, and organs in the torso are all flipped to the opposite side and tbh that sh*t is f*cking cool. My heart also consists of 3 chambers instead of 4.


Reddit is the best place for this info.

Having a freckle on both thighs so my d*ck is in the middle which looks like a blob fish, idk why I'm saying this to reddit.


You should watch the Octonauts episode about blobfish. It sounds right up your alley.


That’s some alien sh*t.

I have several halo nevi on my back. A halo nevus is a mole that is detected by one's own skin as not cool so the skin proceeds to remove it my eating its melanin. It first creates a white halo around the mole, then grows inwards until it "eats" the mole. When it's done I'm left with a white circle with no melanin in it.

Usually halo nevi are supposed to re-pigment with time but mine never did so I basically have several coin-sized white spots with zero sun protection. Because of this I was forced to stay away from the sun as much as possible since I was a child. The unexpected positive consequence of this is that my skin is in pretty good condition for my age.


But a lot of the time, these quirks are actually really impressive. Pretty sick party tricks, if you ask me.

I’m nasty enough to do it.

comedy central lol GIF by Broad CityGiphy

There's a big dent in my chest where my sternum should be. If I hold my breath, you can put your finger in it and feel it pulse with my heartbeat. It's a very visible pulse too. Or, if you're nasty, you can do shots out of it.



Not me, but my son. You know those people who have a random streak of white hair? Well my son, who is blonde, has a big streak of dark brown hair. It just grows that way, and people used to ask if I was dyeing that part of his hair.


Now THAT’S a useful talent.

I don't feel much pain. My brain does but I don't register like half of it. Had a kidney stone and it felt like I was constipated. Except when I was throwing up every 20 minutes and trying to pass out.


Definitely not to same extent as you, but I'm similar. Often times I'm not in pain until I realise I should be if that makes sense? Like I'll feel the sensation, but until I pin point what's happened it won't feel like pain.


Bodies are so unique and magical, but also lowkey terrifying. But hey, if you got it, flaunt it, right

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