There are very few people who don't wish there was something different about their body.

Who doesn't dream of washboard abs, smooth silky hair or sparkling eyes?

But what if we could improve our bodies even further?

What if we could give them special features more commonly found in science fiction?

Redditor MeatScepterGuy was curious what feature, big or small, people wished was part of their anatomy, leading them to ask:

"If you had the ability to add a feature to the human body, what would it be?"
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People Explain Which Part Of Their Body They Find The Most Annoying

My uterus.

That's it.

That's my most annoying body part.

Why is it trying to overthrow the whole rest of me?

Please make it stop.

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People Debate Which Extra Or New Body Part They Would Want If They Could
Ross Sokolovski/Unsplash

I'll take 'A new spine' for a thousand, Alex.

Those of you who only know me as "the chick who lost her eyeball to glitter" probably imagine that if I ever had a chance to have a body part replaced, I'd have two eyes in a heartbeat.


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People Break Down The Biggest Design Flaws In The Human Body
Engin Akyurt/Unsplash

Okay, so here's the thing ...

How come humans only have one way to breathe but turtles are out here breathing with their lungs and through their butts?

I keep hearing that humans are the "advanced" species but try telling that to my constantly janky sinuses, postnasal drip, and hyper-responsive cough reflex.

I spend all spring nearly dying by drowning in my own boogers, but turtles can stay trapped under the ice in water for over 100 days cause they've figured out how to use their butt holes as a SCUBA system.

I don't feel very advanced.

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People Share The Most Annoying Things About Their Own Bodies
Andre Mouton on Unsplash

Nobody is perfect. We all have things about ourselves we'd love to change.

Now the body is a beautiful mastery to behold, but sometimes a few upgrades or changes couldn't hurt.

You can still love yourself and and want to change or eradicate a thing or two.

Just don't be obsessive it let it define you.

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