Fact can sometimes be stranger than fiction, but there's got to be a limit, right?


Reddit user LittleHopeBandit asked:

"What is something completely real that happened in your life that others would think sounds like bullsh*t?"

Sometimes Panic Works

"Was robbed at gun point while sitting in my car, gave the guy the trash that was in my door and he ran away with trash."


"The balls to hand the trash over in the first place lol gun pointed at you and you just handed over the Wendy's."


"I didn’t even realize what I was doing, just glad I didn’t crap my pants."

"Funny thing is I was 20 years old and this happened out front of a liquor store where I was waiting for my 21 year old girlfriend to come out, she came out about 15 seconds after the guy ran off and she didn’t believe me when I told her what happened as I was getting out of there as fast as I could."


Animal Accidents

"I nearly collided with a low flying swan while jogging. I was not near a lake or river, so I have no idea why the swan was in the area. I turned a corner and saw something white flying in my direction. I thought it was a seagull but realised it was a swan at the last second, forcing me to duck and roll (and then swear really loudly)."


"I hit a deer while running. Had to get my leg looked at after and didn't want to tell the doctor what happened."


What Are The Odds

"I am a dwarf/little person and when I was 17 I applied for a place in an art college. To get in you had to submit a physical portfolio of pieces you had made, usually up to A1 (so pretty damn big). So I went into the school to submit my folio, struggling with my massive folder, when another little person appeared from nowhere and helped me out with it. I’d never met another little person before in my life, so it was quite a surprise. Turned out he was a student currently studying there in filmmaking. So we went through the school, 2 dwarfs who didn’t even know each other, carrying this huge leather folder that was bigger than us through the college campus together."

"Sadly I didn’t get a place there. He seemed like he could have been a good friend!"


Must Have Been Fate

"Before cell phones I accidentally misdialed a number but got the person i wanted at the wrong number. She was at her uncles house."


Definitely Not Joking

"When I was 10 I was hanging out with this older kid and he suddenly threw me on the ground then tried to stab me. He was on top of me and the knife was a few inches from my face. I was holding his arms back with everything I had then he suddenly got off me and said he was joking then ran away."


Monkey Business

"I live in South Carolina and when I was young I was out in my backyard playing on my swing-set. I heard some unusual rustling in the trees of the woods and looked up to find…a small monkey! I couldn’t believe my eyes and took off running to the house to tell my dad."

"He didn’t believe me right away, but I finally convinced him to come outside to look. When we walked back to my swing-set, we saw not only the monkey, but now, standing underneath the tree, was a man holding a pistol and a woman holding a banana."

"They saw us and the man began to speak. 'If he doesn’t come down, I’ll have to shoot em'. Pretty much right after that, the monkey saw that banana and headed straight down to the woman and sat on her shoulder."

"And that was that, they left and we found out they were our neighbors from five or six houses down."


It's A Small World After All

"I once went to a big concert (in Glasgow) with my mum and sister, and a family that we met while on holiday in Spain a few months earlier happened to be sitting right in front of us."


Spelling Can Be Important

"I was once hunted down by a detective in a homicide case, but come to find out, he had been tracking the wrong guy because of a clerical error of mistaking a C for a G in my name."


Always Check The Cassette

"My girlfriend (at the time) loaned out her high school graduation video to another friend. Unbeknownst to the GF, her dad had recorded a porn over the video. Girlfriend’s friend sat down with the fam to watch… well.. not the graduation."


"My brother once left a porn tape in the family VCR, my Mum went to watch the show she'd recorded the night before and, well it wasn't the show she'd recorded. She brought it up over dinner whilst trying her hardest not to laugh, and I think my brother just wanted to crawl under the table and die at that point."


Maybe Don't Fake It

"I faked being sick cos I wanted to get out of school. I was absolutely fine, just didn’t want to do maths and sport. Got picked up, driven home planning on a day lounging on the sofa. But as soon as I stepped foot in the door I threw up. I had a severe gastro- vomiting bug. For like two days straight."

"That was the last time I ever faked being sick."


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"Walked to work daydreaming about my store getting robbed and me getting shot. About 30 mins after I opened the store a guy come in, stuck a gun in my back and had me go in the office and empty both safes. Unfortunately I didn't get shot."


Still A Small World

"I dated the same person for 3 years in High School, when we went to different colleges it eventually didn't work out. While at her college my high school girlfriend joined a sorority and part of the onboarding was being matched with someone random to tell them about yourself and see if you were a match for the sorority. My high school girlfriend was telling her match that she just got out of a 3 year relationship and goes on about me. 5 years later I meet a girl in a different city and we hit it off, after a few dates when we are going over people we both know we realize she was the one who was matched with my high school girlfriend. So the guy she was hearing about all of those years ago was the one she was dating now. We've been married 9 years so far."

Sudden Disappearance

"Watched happen - At a concert in a newish dive venue in Leeds (faster pussycast I think). Guy leans against the wall while lighting a cig. The firedoors open and he falls straight backwards through the hole. Doors then close. His friends start looking around for him."


Poor Pooh Bear

"I was in a small plane crash when I was 4-5 years old. I remember being upside down, think we were somewhere in Arizona."

"They cut my favorite pooh bear shirt off in the hospital, but one of the nurses bought me a new teddy bear because I had left mine in the plane. I kept that teddy bear for years but sadly I don't know where it is anymore..."


​Maybe Don't Yell Drunkenly Out Of Cars

"Like 8 years ago my mate and got a taxi to McDonald's at like 4 am after going clubbing, we drove past some guy on his way to work and yelled some drunk sh*t out the window to him. We got dropped off 30 seconds later and as soon as we got out of the taxi he sprints towards us and started swinging at us with a machete, we were running backwards and it was missing us by inches. While he was swinging at one of us, the other one punched him in the back of the head. This happened a few times and he ran away."

"We were pretty drunk so we ended up laughing about it in McDonald's, but I still can't believe it happened lol"


Second Chance?

"Backed out of my grandparents driveway quickly, running late to work. Already on the street and saw a huge truck racing towards me too late. I gasped, clutched the wheel, squeezed my eyes shut and slammed on the brake, bracing for the impact. The only thought I had was 'please let me live'. Then… nothing. I peered one eye open , and felt disoriented to see that the car was back in the driveway, as if I hadn’t moved at all."


Dice Miracle

"I threw dice on a craps table, they went all crazy bouncing all over the place, almost falling off the table, then hit each other mid-air, stuck together, landed on the table with one die on top. The top die was spinning as fast as you could imagine for a good two seconds, and then fell off and I hit nine. 5 and a 4. The number I was shooting for. Had max odds. The dealer said he's never seen that and another player said it's something you'd see in a movie. I just wish I had a physics degree so I could make sense of it."


"Did a lot of physics on my way to a math degree. The explanation is: 'Well, sh*t.'"


Physics High

"When I was like 10 I had dropped a ball (a marble I think?) and it had run away the way that round objects do. I decided that the best course of action was to predict where it gone by "calculating" where it went (i.e how it reflected off walls) and I went through a series of fictitious bounces (around like 10 of them) and the ball was right smack where I had predicted it to be."

"I have been chasing that high ever since but physics is taking a mental toll on me."


More Misdial Miracles

"When I was a kid, I was out playing at the local park with my friends. This was back in the time before everyone had a cell phone, so land lines and payphones were still a thing."

"The payphone stated ringing, after we thought about it because we didn't even know they could do that, I picked it up. It was another one of my friends, calling me. He didn't know I at the park."

"Turns out that payphone had exactly the same number as my house aside from the very last digit was 9 instead of 8. My friend had misdialed the number and through complete coincidence called a payphone about 20 feet where I was, a couple of miles away from my house, and I was the one to pick it up."



"At a family gathering, outside on a fairly average day (little overcast) we saw a large object come through the clouds from the south(coming in from lake ontario), descend to about 400 ft, hover for a while, turning in place, and eventually take off into the sky almost straight up. It didn't appear to make any specific noise, but everyone seemed to 'feel' it, a sort of low tremor like a very mild earthquake. A few people got ill with motion sickness."

"This would have been approx 1993. the object was reminiscent of a mesopotamian ziggurat only it was very large, even with the perspective tilt, it seemed to be almost a 500m wide.
It was witnessed independently by neighbors, young and old, all in all about 40 people in at least 4 completely separate groups spread out across a 5km area."

"I would not believe anyone who told me this story."


Just because something sounds impossible, that doesn't mean it didn't actually happen. Reality is truly strange.

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