People Describe The Saddest Movie Scenes Of All-Time

People Describe The Saddest Movie Scenes Of All-Time
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Get your tissues ready.

Movies are meant to make us feel something, to reach deep into our hearts and tug on those strings. While everyone's emotional threshold is different, it's not hard to think of that one scene that hurts our souls to this very day.

Also, SPOILER ALERT for all of these films.

Reddit user, u/Honest_Product_850, wanted to know when to have a good cry when they asked:

What's the saddest scene in movie history?

It's okay to feel sad.

It's just probably smart not to feel this sad all the time.

"Get busy living, or get busy dying."

"The Shawshank Redemption, when Brooks was released from prison, Still gets to me."


"Came here to say this. It's sad because the whole message of the story is to never lose hope but in some instances hope can be lost. When you're elderly and truly have no one sometimes death is the only way."


He Didn't Leave You To Die

"The "Don't let me leave" scene from interstellar"

"I haven't cried at a single scene in all the movies I've watched."

"But that one did it for me."


As a father of girls, that scene devastated me when I saw it.


Life Is Like Something

"That scene in Forrest Gump where Forrest meets little Forrest and goes, "is he.. is he smart, or is he.. like me?"


Why do filmmakers try to make kids cry? Is there some kind of bet they have to who can make the most children shed the most tears?

No, YOU Have Something In Your Eye...

"Fight against the Sadness, Artax. Please, you're letting the Sadness of the Swamps get to you. You have to try. You have to care. For me. You're my friend. I love you."


"I had to have my mom come fast-forward it every time, because my little 5 year old self could just not handle it :("


Time To Go To The Great Valley Of Sadness

"The land before time, death of littlefoot's mother."


"My four year old son loves dinos and isn't really affected by things (he watches Jurassic World dino fights and sh-t). He saw that scene and started crying, ran out of the room and said "I can't"


Don't Think About Whether Or Not It's His Mama Or Not...

"When that one ewok who survived a blast checks on his dead friend in Return of the Jedi"


The Song Is Called "Married Life."

"Up. The first few minutes of Up."


"I walked in thinking it was a nice chill kids flick walked out called my mom and dad..."


Never Forget

"Bing Bongs death in Inside Out. It wasn't even just a death, he was forgotten forever."

"Bing Bong. NEVER FORGET."


"Watched this movie as a 30 year old man, just for fun.. this scene made me cry like I was 3 years old, f-ck.."


Okay, what is it with wanting the audience to feel this level of complete pessimistic heartache?

Wait, Who Does That Coat Belong To--Oh No...

"The red coat amongst the pile of bodies in Schindler's List."


"I watched that movie alone late at night, and when that scene came up, it really did feel like I got punched in the stomach."


A Whole Movie Meant To Punch Your Heart

"Gotta be the ending of Green Mile man…"


"There's a lot of scenes in that movie that are extremely sad. When the guy stomps the mouse. When John Coffee holds the mouse to take the pain of the Cajun guy getting executed. When you find out why Coffee was in prison in the first place, that he "couldn't take it back." Goddamn that movie is just so f-cking sad."


A Quick Change From The Laughs You Were Once Feeling

"When JoJo Rabbit sees his mother's shoes as she's hanging in the town square."


"I expected this movie to be funny, I didn't expect to be an ugly crying mess for the last third of the film. Easily one of the best films I've ever seen."


Anyone have a warm blanket and a cup of tea handy? Feeling a little blue right now.

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