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I love movies. I can't wait to go back to sitting in a theater and watching a new story unfold before my eyes. However, just because I love film doesn't mean I can't embrace and call out its flaws. There are some films that are really fantastic and entertaining but upon reflection, the story has issues. And some issues haunt you. They haunt you because the movie was so close to perfect and yet...

Redditor u/KentuckyFriedEel wanted to discuss the films that still haunt us, and not in a good way. They asked... What movie plothole still bothers you to this day?

I will say here and now, and die on this hill... no Marvel film has ever had a complete script. There are plot holes you could drive a spaceship through. And yet we watch. We are enthralled and ready to fight. But seriously, when the euphoria dies down, you know, you have questions.

Where there is Smoke...

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In Waterworld, paper is the most precious commodity in existence, yet there is inexplicably copious cigarette smoking.


Hey Biggie

Just watched the Bigfoot cartoon movie on Netflix. The kid says he inherited the ability to run very fast and talk to animals due to being Bigfoot's son. However, Bigfoot was originally a human scientist that was changed into Bigfoot after a science experiment went wrong. His kid was already born when this happened... so no way did he inherit powers. Bothered me more than it should for a kid's movie.


For the Money


You're telling me, that essentially the smartest person in the world. That took a 50k loan from some mafia, and then turned that into millions, in like a few days through some crazy investing scheme. Was unable to have the foresight, to pay back the loan shark on time.

It was explained in the movie, "He was just too focused on making money, and he forgot."

Yeah, okay. The dude remembering a random book he glanced at 20 years ago, simply forgot to pay a loan he took out a few weeks ago.


get pants?

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How come the Hulk's pants always still fit down to his thighs, if he's getting big or small?


Logic Issues

Not exactly a plot hole, more like a gap in logic, but in "Minority Report" when Tom Cruise's character gets flagged for committing a future murder, PreCrime doesn't disable his permissions or security clearance. Like this organization is LITERALLY ahead of its time but they don't think to revoke his clearance???


Those are all valid points and maybe now shine light for me on reasons why I carry disdain for several of those titles. Logic really should be simple. When you're writing, things should make sense. It's like the basic rule. Anyway...

I Hate Santa

In Polar Express, the kid who almost misses the train never gets gifts from "Santa" for Christmas presumably because his parents can't afford presents, meaning either A. Santa isn't real or B. Santa hates poor people? But at the end of the movie the main kid gets the bell from Santa directly so canonically Santa said forget that kid in particular I guess. This has haunted me for decades.


Marty Sense 

Back to the Future II is one of my all time favorite movies but the entire plot doesn't make sense. Why would they need to go into the future to prevent Marty Jr. from doing the horrible thing he does? When they go back to their present it's going to undo it anyway. Why wouldn't they just wait and then try to prevent him from doing it when the time comes?


Stand Back

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Ras Al Ghul standing next to a microwave emitter, explaining it turns the water in pipes 100 feet away into steam, but apparently isn't strong enough to turn the water in his body into steam when he's standing 10 inches away.


Picard Knows

Picard could have left the Nexus and gone to any place at any time and he chose to go with an unarmed elderly man to fistfight a guy on a mountain minutes before a doom rocket launches. I can think of about 500,000 better strategies.



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Cinderella has always bothered me. We're supposed to believe the Prince falls in love and remembers NOTHING about this woman? No one remembers her face? Hair color? Nothing???


I knew there was something about Cinderalla I had issues with. Like, is he blind? He can't describe the love of his life? That would be a red flag for me. Or even a white one. But suspension of disbelief. It keeps us going. Happy viewing...

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