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After nearly a decade of Shark Tank, I always wonder what inventions are left to be created? Well apparently, plenty. Everyone out there seems to be brimming with ideas for things that can make life more productive and a tad easier. One of us has something that we know is that billion dollar idea that can revolutionize an industry. Give me a minute...

Redditor u/nala_beans wanted to hear some ideas we should all be trying to be bring to fruition by asking... What doesn't exist yet, but should?


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Temperature regulating clothing. Like, ahhh it's too cold, and the clothing gets you warm. Or later it's like ahhhh it's too warm, then the clothing automatically goes woosh woosh and you're back to normal.


Yum Yums...

The perfect snack food. I want a savory, trailmix-esque food that tastes like a regularly meal (rice bowl, beef stew, French fries, etc.) with the protein content of regular trail mix and the nutritional value of a multivitamin.


I've wanted this for years. I think that's why I eat chicken broccoli and rice so often.


Staying Afloat....

Zero gravity rooms. Who doesn't wanna just go inside a room and float for fun?


They do have zero gravity rooms but the zero gravity only lasts 30 seconds at a time and costs about $5,000. Look up "vomit comet". It's a plane that flies in a sinusoidal up-and-down flight path. It's like skydiving while still inside the plane but you never reach terminal velocity because the plane dives with you.


Space Force

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People on Mars. Seriously it's been 50 years since we got to the moon? I want to be able to see the first humans on Mars before I die.


For the Boys....

Birth control pills for Men.


I read that the problem is actually to do with assessing the risk of side effects. In men, you're comparing the side effects to their "normal body". That means its difficult to get medication passed as easily. But in women without birth control, you are then facing all the potential life threatening complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

So the risk assessment is framed completely differently, and that's why more options for women are available.

The science is there for male contraception. And its not just some "men couldn't handle the side effects women put up with" situation. Its more complicated.


In the Air

Low emission commercial air travel.


Blimps. :)

I always find myself wishing that blimps and dirigibles were commonplace these days. It's like taking a train through the sky! I also wish train travel was common here in the US like it used to be.



A way to get away from your abusive parents without going into the crappy foster care system. Maybe just let the kids choose their own parents or rent a room like anyone else or stay in the school classroom each night.


Zip It

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Plastic zipper closures on cereal bags.


The Menu....

The perfect 2000 calorie diet in frozen meal form without 200% of your DV of sodium.

I don't understand why a company hasn't made a meal plan that is actually healthy and affordable. Something like 15 dollars a day for perfect macros and micronutrients with a double protein option for lifting.

Freaking cooking. Ugh.


Fly High

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Flying cars. Where are those, Howard Stark?


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