It's amazing to think of all the inventions and advancements we've seen over the course of time.

Smart phones, automated check out machines, electric powered cars.

In this modern age of technology and science, it's rare for a year to go by without a major new invention.

Seeing every new invention with each passing year only leads us to wonder, what does the future have in store?

Redditor dramafan1 was curious to hear what people hope to see invented during the course of their life, leading them to ask:

"What invention would you want to see in your lifetime?"

Brighten That Smile!

"Dental regrowth would be friggin sweet!"

"Expensive...but sweet..."- Exotic_Imagination95

Cleaner, Clearer Water

"Efficient water desalination and or plastic recycling."- Ashamed_Seat8290

The Cure

"Cure of most genetic diseases or cancer or Alzheimer."- Theapexfighter

"Cure for age related deafness/tinnitus."- Pork_Chap

"Cure for ALS and Parkinson."

"Oh and gol-dern flying cars, geez I wanna flying car."- peanutsfordarwin

"Cure for cancer or cerebral palsy, etc."- IllegalMigrant

Clean Air

"Full time operational fusion energy."- BigEvilDoer

The End Of Language Barriers

"Universal translator."- phuglee4ever

Never Be Late Again!

"Warp drive."- wmzer0mw·

Organ Farming?

"I've been telling my children for years that in their lifetime, when they need an organ transplant, doctors will just grow an exact genetic match for them in a vat."

"Time to get cracking on this."- JustAFileClerk

One can only assume it will only be a matter of years, months, or even days when these wishes become a reality.

Or at least that people are hard at work in hopes of doing so.

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