People Break Down The Most Compelling Paranormal Things They've Ever Experienced
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The paranormal is a constant in our lives. I refuse to believe every creek in a house is the house itself "settling", sometimes that is grandma trying to give a message, or a lost soul hollering out. And as much as we love shows and movies about this stuff... nobody really wants to be Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost. I'm already afraid that serial killers are lurking in the shadows. That is more than enough to worry about.

Redditor u/chipit69 wanted to discuss the times the spooky has come knocking by asking..... What's the most compelling 'paranormal' thing you've experienced? Did it change your worldview? (Serious)

balls of light....

Friend always said he had a haunted house and adjacent woods, said some wild stories that I never seriously thought to be true. During a sleepover he commented on seeing floating balls of light. I was the only one up when everyone went to bed, then felt weird and looked into the dining room. I saw a floating ball of light, which then rapidly expanded without a single sound and briefly blinded me. It expanded slower then light should have.

I have no idea what it was. Some kind of phenomenon, maybe? It mostly made me consider all the other stories he said that were much more extreme, like weird cryptids in the forest. He never said them in a manner that seemed joking or the like, just idle information.

Didn't change much. My other paranormal experience happened when I was so young the memory is much less reliable, although it was a lot more extreme.



My grandma's boyfriend passed away and my mom and I traveled to Florida to help her make the arrangements. My grandma had a two bedroom condo in a gated community, so my mom took the second bedroom and I took the couch. I woke up at 4:19 am and heard old timey music. Figured my grandma was awake early and tried to go back to sleep. Then I heard shuffling down the hall. Figured my mom was going to the bathroom. But then I heard someone sigh and sit down in the leather recliner next to the couch that he always sat in. I immediately knew it was him.

Later in the day we visited his kids (not related to us) and my mom kept trying to get me to tell his oldest daughter. I told my mom I didn't want to upset her. She overheard and asked me to tell her. So I explain what happened. Her eyes got all wide and she looked at her husband. Apparently her husband woke up in the middle of the night, looked straight at her and told her her father was there and that he was ok.

That wasn't my first experience with the paranormal, but certainly one I could never forget.


"hey buddy, are you here with someone?" 

I was at a bar about 8 years ago, had a pretty good buzz going, and I walked down the hallway to the restroom, and around the corner comes a little boy. He was maybe 6 or 7, he had on black pants and a white button down shirt, and he had short dark hair. Now it's one in the morning, and there's a little kid in the bar. He stopped when he saw me, and just looked at me. I said "hey buddy, are you here with someone?" And he got this really shocked look on his face and.... vanished.

Like..he didn't move, he disappeared. However, as I mentioned, I'd been drinking so I just blew it off.

Cut to 6 months later, I started bartending at that bar. I was working day shift, and when the owner came in at 4 pm, I told him that I didn't know there was an apartment above the bar and it must suck to have to listen to the bar all night, especially with little kids.

He asked me what the hell I was talking about. I told him I'd been listening to the kids upstairs playing and laughing and running around all day. He walked me up to the second floor. It's not an apartment. It's a huge, empty room.

One night I was closing the bar at 3:30 in the morning, and I went to the bathroom before I left. I was the only one there, and the doors were locked. I hear knocking on the bathroom door and a little kid giggling. No one was there when I opened the door.

That Christmas, I bought a rubber ball and a toy truck and a doll and left them upstairs in the empty room. For the next several months I would hear the ball bouncing across the wooden floor upstairs while I was working. It made me smile. They were just kids, at least they finally had some toys.


Coin Clutter....

winning video game GIF by Lil Yachty Giphy

The sound of change being stacked up on my glass-topped desk. I didn't have a pile of change in my desk but I could hear the clink of dimes and quarters moving around.



My maternal grandfather famously saw ball lightning in his room during a thunderstorm when my mother was young. It came in through the wall near the ceiling, floated around the room a bit and then left through another wall. It even left scorch marks on the walls where it came and went.

Apparently from that day on whenever there was a thunderstorm he'd make everyone in the house sleep together in the living room. I don't think he ever believed it was paranormal, but he was sure as heck scared by it.


In Basements....

My dad had a workshop in the basement. I was in bed sleeping and all of a sudden I heard some tools going off downstairs. I was trying to figure out why on earth my dad would be down there so late at night so I went to get up to investigate. As I passed by his room, I heard him snore. He was fast asleep (also he's deaf so no way he was waking up from the noise). Needless to say I ran back to bed and pulled the covers over my head.

My family also experienced a bunch of odd stuff in that house, like the workshop door handle jiggling or seeing a figure in the darkness. Even had our dog break into the house via the tiny basement window, shattering it and jumping the 8 feet to get in. That basement definitely had something going on and I've absolutely hated being in basements by myself ever since.


That House...

My sister and I were watching tv in my room when this black sphere a little smaller than a basketball appeared right below my ceiling. We didn't yell or run away, we watched it. Very slowly it moved down until it went past the foot of my bed so we couldn't see it anymore. We looked at each other and then we jumped up and ran downstairs.

Another time, same house, my friend had slept over. In the morning we were laying in bed talking about where we wanted to get breakfast.

As we're talking, a big bottle of coco butter that I had on my vanity mirror moved forward across the vanity about 6 inches and then shot to the floor. My friend immediately asked if we could go downstairs lol That house was built in the 1840's and we had so many experiences there, even my stepdad did and before that he didn't really believe in that stuff. I have a ton of stories if anyone's interested.


Almost Dead....

Car Crash Fire GIF by Farmers Insurance ® Giphy

Not necessarily paranormal but I was waiting at a stop light about to turn left, the light turned green and normally I would just go, but for some reason I hesitated for like five seconds and just sat there as cars behind me honked.

I look to my left and a semi barrels through the intersection. If I would've gone I was dead. It's like my mind just blanked and something stopped me from going. Pretty creepy.


We Out! 

I've always believed in the paranormal. Years ago, i lived in this house, and we would hear bangs upstairs, and we would run upstairs. Then upstairs we would hear one downstairs! Sometimes we would come home, to find the fridge is sideways, or the chairs are all pulled out, and doors open. The tv, lamps and other stuff would be unplugged.

This other time, my brother was laying in bed (his story), and felt a pressure on his legs, as if somebody was sat on the bed, on his legs. He said there was an actual bump in the sheets where he felt it too!

Glad we moved, lol.



Movie Stabbing GIF Giphy

I stayed in a haunted hotel room. TV went wild one night and a woman appeared on the screen.

I was very skeptical and tried to figure out if it was a commercial but couldn't find anything online. That night I was woken up constantly by being lifted up onto my side, shaken, or outright hit in the stomach. It would feel like someone hit me with all of their might. I know I wasn't imagining it because it happened again the next night, and every night I stayed there that week. Freaky crap, but instantly made me a believer.


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