People Describe The Most Distressing Paranormal Activity They've Ever Experienced
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Is the paranormal real?

While there are plenty of skeptics, there are many who insist that it is, and that they have the experiences to prove it.

And suppose you do think the paranormal is a thing. It would likely scare you. It might even scare you a lot. So much so that you'll be writing about it years later on a Reddit forum.

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People Describe Their Own Spookiest Paranormal Encounters
Andy Li/Unsplash

It's spooky time, fam!

Collectively, we love a good ghost story. Horror films gain cult-like followings. We all know that our passion for a mystery podcast is unmatched. Being safely scared seems to be something we dig.

But when it comes to our real lives, most of us would prefer it if things stayed ghost-free.

It doesn't.

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Many people in the United States believe in the paranormal.

According to an October 2019 YouGov poll that was appropriately timed for the spookiest month of the year, many Americans–more than four in 10–believe that ghosts and demons exist.

Interestingly enough, the same poll found that not as many Americans believe in the existence of vampires, so it's kind of funny that Americans are so selective about their otherwordly beings!

While many scoff at the paranormal and have worked to convince people to turn away from a belief not shrouded in evidence, there are cases of former skeptics who've done an about-face, as we were reminded once Redditor barbexaclone asked the online community,

"People who used to not believe in the paranormal but do now — What experience changed your mind?"
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Police Officers Share Their Strangest Experiences With The Paranormal
William Carlson on Unsplash

Security guards and first responders keep watch over people or property.

Sometimes their shifts begin when the most workers head home for the night.

Working alone in dead silence and in dark places or responding to emergencies can play mind tricks, but these professionals are trained to remain focused.

What they aren't trained for is how to respond to strange phenomena that can only be described as a paranormal disturbance.
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People Divulge Their Most Unexplainable Supernatural Experiences
Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Pragmatic people believe there is an explanation for the unexplained, given the fact they have a practical and realistic approach to everything.

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