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There are some behaviors that are downright infuriating and it makes me seriously question how some people were raised. For example, I can't understand people who belittle service workers, particularly wait staff. That's one end of the spectrum. Here's the other end: What's up the people out there who refuse to wear a mask in the middle of a pandemic? (If you wanted me to really get into it, we'd be here all day.)

After Redditor Ugrinka asked the online community, "What's one thing you hate with a burning passion?" people let it all out. It's evident they needed a release. Can you blame them? How have we made it this far as a species while surrounded by so many insufferable people?

"The people you find..."

The people you find in a public place like an office or a restaurant that play a video or a song on their phone without headphones at full volume. They know it's disrespectful to everyone else in the room right? They have to...


"When my mom..."

When my mom says were leaving in 10 minutes and than sits around doing nothing for 30 minutes, leaving me sitting downstairs waiting. But I cant go back to my room because it's time to go.


"Being asked a question..."

Being asked a question, then being interrupted with another question when I haven't even finished answering the first.


"Never let anyone tell you..."

Trashy kids with no talent being given record deals because they were a meme or became popular on TikTok.

That one "cash me outside" girl went on Dr. Phil because she was being a piece of s***, and instead of becoming better or facing consequences, she became a millionare rapper. for some reason.

Never let anyone tell you life isn't unfair.


"But I will never tolerate that behavior..."

The silent treatment. My ex-husband used to refuse to speak to me or acknowledge my existence for days. I hate it so much and how demoralizing and dehumanizing it is.

I would completely understand if my S.O. was upset with me and verbalized that they need a cooling down period or time for reflection before addressing the issue. Because that's what mature adults do. But I will never tolerate that behaviour in a relationship ever again.


"When people can't admit..."

When people can't admit that they were wrong or made a mistake. We're all human, it happens, so own up to it.


"It's utterly soul crushing..."

Job Hunting. It's utterly soul crushing because you have to fill out hundreds of applications to find gainful employment, and there is no way to make it faster. Also, the entire process is more or less disingenuous on both sides. Workers are boasting and lying about how overqualified they are to try and get an edge, and a lot of workplaces outright lie about thier hiring preferences, and often have inaccurate or outlandish job requirements.


"I literally have a speech impediment..."

"I don't want to wear a mask because it's hard to breathe."

I literally have a speech impediment and actual breathing problems yet I still wear a mask everywhere I go because it's literally the bare minimum. If store employees can wear masks for 10 plus hours, I can wear mine for 30 minutes while I shop. It's annoying sure, but, it's not that hard to do the basic bare ass minimum.


"All pets and kids..."

People who do not take proper care of their pets. And parents who neglect their children.

All pets and kids should feel safe, loved, valued, and have their physical, emotional and intellectual needs met by the people entrusted to care for them.


"I've seen the attitude manifest..."

I really dislike people who have a "don't tell me what to do" complex.

There's just something about the kind of person who would take that attitude through life that I find insufferable.

I've seen the attitude manifest in the dumbest ways too, to the point where it's downright counter-productive. Like driving a much longer route and taking twice as long to reach a destination, purely because someone else suggested the shorter way and "nobody is the boss of me" or some such ego-driven nonsense. Or deliberately disobeying signs or instructions that have a good reason to be there for people's safety, because "nobody gets to tell me how to live my life". The mere idea that a suggestion might have come from someone other than themselves is enough to set it off in some people. It's needless defiance for the sake of defiance, and I'll never understand it.


"When I say something..."

When I say something and everyone ignores me except for one person who then steals what I just said, repeats it and suddenly he's Ghandi's reinfu*kingcarnation sent from the heavens. Also, just to rub the salt in the wound even more, is when they complain you don't do anything to contribute to the conversation.


"I'm not a trained animal..."

Being clicked at/seeing someone else be clicked at for attention or when being spoken to. I'm not a trained animal, speak to me like a person and use your words. It just fills me with rage. It's so incredibly rude.


"Not necessarily the whole band..."

The band Rush. Not necessarily the whole band, just the lead singer. The very sound of his stupid screeching sh*t voice pisses me off.


"Being thrown under the bus..."

Being thrown under the bus and/or when someone intentionally steals credit for something you've worked very hard to complete.


"I truly believe..."

"Flex" culture, when people feel the need to impress others with money, appear perfect, pretend to have a super interesting life. I truly believe that it contributes to mental illness, especially in the young and vulnerable.


"I'm not even LGBTQ+..."

Homophobes, I'm not even LGBTQ+ and I cant stand them.


"I moved to a cozy little townhouse..."

Construction noise.

I moved to a cozy little townhouse away from the city...only for a town hall meeting happen a few months into my lease to vote, and now start working on, an outlet mall 2 minutes down the road. My house is constantly vibrating and I hear loud crashing noises constantly. Also, the workers keep hanging out at the cute little pond at the start of our trail,, and trashing bottles/cigarettes around it. It's been 6 months and they're still building, it's so annoying. My sanity is slowly fading.



I can't stand moving! You think you're getting close to being finished packing, but it's like things are growing out of the floor!! That last load or two is always just thrown together loosely, and your furniture gets all messed up. Also, once you have all your things moved, you're living like a homeless person for a few days until you get all your necessary things put away. I hear that moving is the third biggest stress that a person faces in life.


"Can you NOT..."

People who literally scream when talking on the phone. Like GODDAMN they can hear you just fine at a normal volume! Can you NOT make me deaf?


"But it feels incredibly immature..."

People who think it's somehow entertaining to get their dogs to bark or howl for a guest. It's never just once. This can go on seemingly forever (maybe a couple minutes per command) & it's usually out of the blue. Like, hanging out, things get a bit boring, cue dogs making noise.

I love dogs btw. But, it feels incredibly immature, irresponsible (think of the neighbors + dog training), & stupid.


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