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Growing up, I was usually responsible for cleaning the kitchen and taking out the trash on trash day. Those were my chores. I knew that. So I did them. But few things would demotivate me more than if I was ordered to do something. Telling me to clean the kitchen when I have no way of proving to you that I was about to go to the kitchen is aggravating.

After Redditor ZOOW33M4M4fk asked the online community, "What was your biggest 'Well, now I don't want to do it' moment?" people shared their stories.

"We're no longer friends."

For my 18th birthday my parents bought me 18 lottery tickets. It's a sort of tradition in our family. Didn't win anything except another three tickets. The day after my party, my best friend and I were out shopping and I decided I wanted to exchange them for the other tickets so we stopped at the nearest gas station. I won $500. As we were leaving I was considering splitting the money with my friend. Until we got in the car and she told me to buy her a new phone. I was silent for a moment out of shock and she added "that money is mine too, I drove here"

I gave her $10 for gas. We're no longer friends.


"While I was at a jeweler's shop..."

While I was at a jeweler's shop buying my ex-girlfriend's engagement ring, she called and was screaming at me for having got the wrong kind of pot roast for a dinner we were hosting. I stood there, listening to her scream and cuss me out and decided I didn't want to do this for the rest of my life. Happily married now to a woman that is way chill and never screams at me on the phone.


"It has become a common thing..."

My mother always tells me something obvious whenever I try to do something, then immediately starts bragging to anybody nearby that I would've never figured out how to change that tire/wash those dishes/vacuum that rug if she hadn't told me how to do it. It has become a common thing recently to just drop whatever I'm doing and leave it unfinished until she does it herself. I hate having anyone hover over me just so they can treat me like a brainless moron who only exists for their personal amusement.


"Some of the best advice..."

Some of the best advice I've been given is "Don't discourage the behavior you want to see."

As a parent, I try to apply it every day with my children - which is hard, because I've always been really sarcastic by nature, even with my friends and loved ones.


So I pretty much stopped..."

A big name trainer came to the barn where I kept my horse. Totally different discipline, but I had absolutely no problem with her and her dozens of students being there.

I happen to be pretty good at certain things that this trainer simply could not do. She was very well known, but not necessarily GOOD at her job. So she had me give her students pointers from time to time. I love all aspects of the sport, and I enjoy working with younger riders, so I gave them pointers. You can see where this is going- before long, I was essentially teaching her students. She was getting paid hundreds of dollars for me to teach her students.

One night, she used my horse for one of her lessons, and got mad at me because her student couldn't ride it properly. Imagine a banjo player trying to squeak out a tune on a clarinet. It's not that the student *COULDN'T* ride it properly; she just didn't know how to finesse the situation. Essentially the trainer thought that since I was working with the student, the student should be able to ride my horse perfectly. Hell, I couldn't ride my horse perfectly.

So I pretty much stopped coming out when I knew they would be there, and if they were there, I stayed away. As much as I loved working with the kids, that ruined it.


"I like reading..."

Reading. I like reading but the moment my mom/a teacher tells me to read I just don't feel like it anymore.


"My mum and I had both been thinking..."

My mum and I had both been thinking that what with the pandemic, and with how our house is situated so that it's quite visible when entering our village, we should decorate the house more than we normally do for Christmas. Nothing fancy, just a few more lights outside.

Then we got a village-wide email from a very well-meaning lady saying that since 'Christmas is going to be a little bit different this year' she was launching Operation: Light Up [Village] and wanted us all to put extra effort into the Christmas decorations.

We both instantly went off the idea. We'd really wanted to potentially cheer people up on their drives home, but not if this woman was going to think she was the sole factor in making this happen.

We eventually did decorate the house, and even brought some new multicoloured lights to do it, but it was later than usual, just so that we could make sure we weren't doing it at the same time as the Operation.


"One Christmas..."

One Christmas, I was going to invite the family to gather at our house for a change (instead of at our aunt's home).

But some are vegans, others allergic to all kinds of foods, while still others insist on having certain "traditional" dishes and that the house had to be decorated a particular way, or "it wouldn't feel like Christmas."

In the end, I just gave up and we went to our aunt's house instead - let her deal with all their demands and complaints.


"I'd have to gather my strength..."

When I'd call my parents, but the first 20 minutes of the phone call would be me unable to get a word in edgeways while they berated me for not calling more often.

Not surprisingly, this made me demotivated to call the next time, because I knew it couldn't ever be a quick call (I'd need to have a lot of time free to allow room for an actual conversation after the bollocking) and I'd feel awful. Who'd have thought that telling someone they're terrible every time you speak to them makes them dread speaking to you?

I'd have to gather my strength before a call--it could never be after a long day or anything because that would be so much harder to take--and prepare a list of what I wanted to talk about so I didn't forget from being so miserable by the time they finished their tirade. It took so much planning and emotional work.

How hard is it to say, "It's great to hear from you! How've you been?" Or at least to question whether all your children avoiding speaking to you might not possibly be your own fault, and try to change that?


"One day in class..."

This might not be a good example, but I had a good friend in high school, who I hung out with a decent amount. We were pretty close, and shared a lot about our personal lives with each other

One day in class I was sitting with him, his girl, and a few other acquaintances. I asked if he would like to hang out the coming weekend. His response was to laugh and ask if I did ANYTHING other than hang out with him, proceeding to (loudly) explain that he knew I hadn't done anything the previous weekend and if it weren't for him I would just sit at home all the time.

I've never wanted to redact an invitation so strongly.


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