People Break Down Their Biggest Pet Peeves
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With a global pandemic still raging after a full year, domestic extremism on the rise, and a much-needed reignition of racial justice activism, one feels compelled to take life very seriously these days.

And that's true. We should keep these pressing, significant issues at the forefront of our minds. But alongside those considerations, we are still humans nonetheless.

And humans can be PETTY.

Little tiny inconveniences or social faux pas can stick in our minds--perhaps even ruin a whole day. We simply cannot help but focus on these thorns in our sides at least a few times everyday.

Some Redditors took a second to proudly share their pet peeves.

meerkatherine asked, "What is your pettiest pet peeve?"

For many, pet peeves involve other people. Social norms are breached, bad habits persist despite voiced criticism, and total selfishness seems to reign.

For these folks, that's all too much to handle.

Mind Your Business, Lady 

"People who comment on what I'm eating. Look lady I'm eating it, not you." -- 25Hams

"My god. I used to have a coworker who seemed to get off on letting me know how disgusting my breakfast looked. It was usually some sort of overnight oatmeal."

"I can understand not being into cold oatmeal, but who in the ever-loving hell wants to hear about how awful their food looks while they're eating it?" -- mrsderpcherry

Comin' In Hot 

"People who don't knock before opening a door" -- 1maginaryProfessor

"One day they'll learn. One day they'll see something they never wanted to see MOM" -- Captain_Pickleshanks

"even worse people who knock while opening the door" -- CrazyyForCocoaPuffs

A Lack of Acceptance 

"My dad not getting the damn hearing aids he needs. He blares the tv, forgets his headphones half the time, and just being really loud in general."

"It is to the point I am not calm when he is home because of how much noise he makes. And that is the tip of the iceberg of his weird habits and behaviors, but it is the pettiest."

-- riftrender

Bogged Down 

"When people are telling a story and get lost in irrelevant details.

" 'Last Tuesday, I went... wait, maybe it was Wednesday? No, it was definitely Tuesday because that's garbage day...' "

"as I'm just sitting there, eye twitching."

-- twomangocats

Other pet peeves involve keenly felt sensations. These examples usually feature a strange tactile impulse, horrible noises, etc.

Constant Exposure 

"Blankets that are too small" -- On_my_way_slow_down

"My husband is very tall, and he fell asleep on the couch with a small blanket. His sister and I were chatting, and we watched him struggle to cover his feet, and then pull it back to his shoulder, then back down to his feet, and we were laughing while watching him.

"He woke up enough to glare at us and say 'It's not funny, I'm suffering!' "

"So now we all refer to small blankets as 'suffering blankets.' " -- ThisIsMyFightAccount


"Misophonia - Eat with your mouth open, or any other mouth noises and I will smack you, lol. At least that how it makes me feel."

"That, and soggy bread. Gross."

-- Hodgrim

Like a Disgusting Metronome 

"When the room is silent and someone keeps sniffling but refuse to blow their god damned nose even after you offer them a tissue." -- B_e_p_i_s_

"I believe I got let go from a contract position for asking my manager to ask an employee to stop wet snorting at lunchtime at his desk after eating his soup each day."

"It was so bad that the guys in the next pod of desks would snort in disgust to try and give this snorter an indication of the locality of disgust he was creating."

"I thought I was doing the right thing by letting my manager know of the issue, but when I spoke to him I could see he was not getting it. Then my 3 term contract was not renewed with plenty of work still on the project." -- _yourekidding

And finally, some people are annoyed by the things far beyond their control, like all the intrusive decisions of mass media.

Everywhere we look, there are screens and books and films and apps. And when one gets our goat, we're simply left holding a phone and squirming.

Forever Tainted 

"I hate it when a book is made into a film, and then they change the original cover of the book to a still from the movie." -- gatorinmypocket

"or the cover has a big printed graphic 'Now a Major Motion Picture' " -- sbashe5

Canned Camaraderie 

"Listening to the anchors laughing about something on the local news channels."

"Something about them laughing is so inauthentic and for some reason pisses me off."

-- VoyagingVulture

Slimy Strategies 

"I refuse to watch any Disney+ shows, or any Disney related media, not because they are a monopoly or that I disagree with their practices or anything (although that should be my number 1 reason)..."

"...but because they fu**ing paid to have their bullshit Playstation app at the front of my video application list which causes me to accidentally go into their app every time I try to watch some TV."

-- Blur333

So feel free to own the most minuscule, ridiculous pet peeve. It is real, and it might even be shared by someone on the internet.

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