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Everyone has at least one pet peeve. Something that just gets under their skin to varying degrees of annoyance. Even if it might not bother other people one bit. Such was the case with Redditor nice_throwaway_, who found himself increasingly irritated when the girlfriend of one of his closest friends refused to stop one of […] More
We all like things done a certain way. Be it how we organize a shelf, fold towels or make up a bed, sometimes we can’t help but get frustrated when things aren’t done to our liking or how we’re accustomed to doing them. But Redditor supergianthairytoe eventually had enough of her boyfriend criticizing her for […] More
People Share Their Biggest Pet Peeves About Dining Out At Restaurants
Photo by Toni Koraza on Unsplash

Why can't people behave like normal human beings? Why is going out to eat for a simple meal such an arduous issue?

Dining out has always been a fun life pastime, but has quickly turned into an anxiety-inducing circus.

When I'm out to eat, there is so much wrong happening that I witness.

It's just as delicious and easy to microwave leftovers.

I also may just be overly dramatic and picky. A lot of things disturb my dining peace, but I'm not alone.

Redditor DateInteresting wanted to talk about how to act in when eating out, it's time for lessons. They asked:

What really pisses you off inside Restaurants?
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People Break Down Their Biggest Pet Peeves
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With a global pandemic still raging after a full year, domestic extremism on the rise, and a much-needed reignition of racial justice activism, one feels compelled to take life very seriously these days.

And that's true. We should keep these pressing, significant issues at the forefront of our minds. But alongside those considerations, we are still humans nonetheless.

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Usually, it's the large-scale far reaching decisions of powerful people that make us lose all faith in humanity.

But sometimes, it only takes a bozo at the grocery store to completely convince us that all order and morality has completely fallen by the wayside.

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