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In a world as fast-paced and social media obsessed as ours is, it's easy to find reasons to feel anxiety, dissatisfaction, and unease. So let's take a moment to talk about joy.

Reddit user sarangifiedd asked :

What is the most underrated joy of life?

So listen, I know the newsfeed is constant disaster, doom, and gloom. I know things are heavy.

Take a breath, relax your shoulders, and let Reddit remind you of the little things.


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"A good night's sleep."

"Pleasant dreams, right temperature, security, no interruptions, and waking up feeling refreshed. They're often overlooked." - tekhnomancer

"The older I get, the more of a holy grail this has become. I would give anything to just find a way to release the pressure in my head with a mind bending deep sleep."

"I still remember waking up as a kid, thoughts just blank and greeting the world with a new sheet of paper. Now it's devolved into just realizing my eyes are open and continuing to scribble on the same sheet of paper that's basically all pencil marks by now." - sokonomi

"I would add that there are few pleasures better than waking after a really good, sober night's sleep and realizing you have nothing to do apart from whatever you want to do" - fiveyard

A Shower

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"Every time I'm in the shower I think of all the people who lived before me who never knew the joy of a steaming hot shower." - Crashdemon

"I say this as well because of the period of my life where I was homeless. You don't know how much you appreciate a hot shower until a winter living out of a suv / storage unit and doing bowl baths in the cold." - maddiethehippie

"Seriously though. Feel sick? Take a shower. Super hot? Cold shower. Cold? Hot shower. Need to think? Shower. Feel great? Shower and feel greater. There are so few times that a shower will make you feel worse." - wheresalltherumgone

Doing Nothing

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"I have rediscovered the joy of doing nothing after I had a kid."

"I consciously don't touch my phone when I am out and about with my 5 year old, so I often find myself doing nothing but observing the world around me when he is playing around."

"Plus, being able to do simple things like throwing rocks in the water, picking up flowers, feeding grass to the cows in the fields etc. Things I didn't take the time to do before (also because it looks weird for an adult to do than without a kid next to him.)" - lickmyballoonknot

"I strongly believe that doing nothing is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle."

"My favourite way of doing nothing is lying down, preferably somewhere outside, eyes closed, knees bent, and living in the feeling of the ins and outs of my breath inside my tummy. Magical things happen there..." - Northern_something


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"Living in your own Apartment and making yourself a Sandwich after a long Day at Work." - SalusFuturistics

"I absolutely love living alone. It's kind of next level amazing." - HomerPaintBucket

"I pay the premium to live alone in a 2br apartment. I could get a roommate and cut my rent and utilities in half, but it's not worth it to me. My mental health is supreme." - mofomeat

"The peace that comes with living alone. Ugh it's so good." - apprehensivehorse33


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"When a dog looks back to make sure you're still following them" - DiscoAquinas

"I didn't realize how much I love this until this comment" - m4ccc

"That really is ❤️" - princessmiasbtch

Wet Socks

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"Taking off wet socks lol" - spookybowlofcereal

"It's somehow worse if only one of them is wet. Like if both feet landed in a puddle it's bad, but if only one foot went into a puddle ... it's REALLY bad." - gr8tnonsequitur

"Oh dude, YESS." - sarangifiedd

That Earthy Smell

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"Petrichor — the smell of earth after rain." - MatthewWakeman

"The fact that there is a word for this makes me happier than I can say." - dcmaven

"I never regained my taste and smell after having covid a year ago and this smell is actually what I miss most. Outside literally just smells like nothing to me."

"Springtime was so depressing." - opheliastillspeaks

Decompress Like A 37 Year Old Man

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"A bath toy. And not in a sexual way."

"Just having a little thing with you in the tub, that you can mindlessly fondle and fidget with as your mind drifts off to that old familiar feeling from way back when you were still a kid."

"It feels so good to just blank your mind and enjoy the simple and childish act of playing with something. Its like all the weight of being an adult doesn't exist, just for a brief moment."

"I have a toy boat from when I was still little, and it just sits in my bathroom. I occasionally fill the tub with some bubble soap to just sit in it with my boat, for a little while."

"I'm a 37 year old man, and decompressing this way keeps me going." - Sokonomi

Complete And Lucky

"When my family get home from work/school, we've had dinner, walked the dog and just laying on the sofa watching telly."

"That's my personal happy place and I yearn for it every morning. It makes me feel so complete and lucky." - legomonsterUK

Tell me about the little things you love.

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