Composing yourself in an argument is tough. Even if you know in your mind you're right, doing your due diligence to make sure you have enough data and facts to back up your stance can be tricky. Research is necessary. Comprehension of the material is necessary. Synthesizing and combining with other positions is necessary.

Then there are these people...

Reddit user, u/OGJJ, wanted to hear about the dumbest of the dumb when they asked:

What's the dumbest thing someone has argued with you about?

Never Take Cat Matters Lightly


At a house party couple of years ago the girlfriend of a friend argued with me that my cat was a girl, even though he'd been to the vets to get neutered so we knew he was a boy. Anyway this woman would not let it go, and after 15 minutes of arguing about it, other people joined in poking and peering at the cats arse-end.

Poor cat, probably traumatised him.


Even Knowing That, They Were Still So Wrong.

Whether potstickers were dumplings or not. And she meant as in potstickers were just dumplings and dumplings were just potstickers. I'm Chinese here so I would know that potstickers aren't the only dumplings.

She knew I was Chinese and she was all [like] "you're wrong!"


As If It's Your Fault!

Late to the game here, but my this one always makes my head spin. We were in the car with my in-laws (my husband and I) and my husband had just had LASIK. His mother proceeded to argue with him about how his eyes were not blue, they were brown. My husband's eyes are very, VERY blue, and she was looking right at him while this was going on. Who argues with someone about their own features?? She ended up insisting that his eyes must have changed color some time after leaving home.


Good. MAKE Them Apologize.

How much some car insurance was. There was an advert and it always said £39 in big green writing at the end of the advert, buy my aunts husband and most of my family argued for three whole days that it was £59.

When the advert next came on I took a picture and showed my nan, who told everyone else and she made all the adults apologize to me


Arguing Your Case From Down Under

A former friend of mine blocked me on social media for an entire week because he was extremely upset that I was not wanting to go to the midnight premiere of dark Phoenix last year. He saw the film that night anyways and loved it unconditionally even though that everyone else with a brain was able to see how stupid the movie.

When I explained to him that not only did I not want to go, but I was unable to because I was in a different country, he didn't believe me and insisted that I sent him pictures as proof, when I was vacationing in an area with barely any Wi-Fi connection.

The most ridiculous part of this interaction was the timing of it all. Dark phoenix came out in late May or early June in the United States, and I was in Australia the week that it came out. When I returned home to the United States, he was still incredibly pissed off at me all because I never sent in photos as evidence. Apparently my jet lag wasn't enough "evidence" by itself...

Not even the sh-ttiest thing this friend even did to me, but it was the first major turning point in an eventually lost friendship.


Not Always Black And White, But Sometimes It Is

A few years ago, I tried to pawn a western that had been made in the 1950s. It was in color. (I promise this is important.)

The old bat who ran the joint always paid a little more for color movies.

Anyway, she insisted that the movie had originally been filmed in black and white then colorized, so she was going to pay me less.

I am a Movie Fanatic and there is no way in hell I would ever have a colorized movie in my collection!

I told her the movie had been filmed in color, but she said color film wasn't invented until the mid 1960s!

I knew for a fact color films had been around since the late 1930s and I told her so.

Not only did she stick to her guns, but all the lackeys that worked there backed her up.

I took my movie, stomped out, and cussed a blue streak.


It Was Most Definitely Not Over State's Rights

the confederate flag.

we live in PA, he was insisting it's "cultural" and that clearly i didn't understand the origin of it and the "true meaning" of the confederacy. he blocked me on everything after nine years of friendship over a flag. we are both white but apparently only one of us cares that it's disrespectful to parade a symbol of slavery and concession around flying from the back of a truck.


You're Really Arguing Over Apples And Oranges


Oh god, this brings back some major memories. So years ago I worked in a call center. I was working for Best Buy and had a guy call in.

His question was "hey I saw that on your website that you have the new iPhone got $165 and on Sprints website they have it for $1. Why is that?"

I explained that some companies have deals for new customers to get in and we make deals with all different companies, blah blah blah. This is where it gets f-cking unbelievable.

"But if I buy an apple from Georgia and an apple from Florida it should be the same price."

Me: "not really there's inflation in different states and you could have a Granny Smith apple instead of a reg red apple."

Him: "but if it's the same apple then it should be the same price."

Me: "no, different states sell different prices on apples and produce depending on their demographic."

Eventually we argued about different types of pies and chess pieces. It was and will forever be the weirdest argument I've ever had in my life.


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Why Lie About It?

When I was in boot camp my sister sent me a photo of my nephew who had just turned one at the time. All the other female recruits were gushing over him and were convinced he was my son. To the point where they didn't believe me when I said "No that's my nephew"

I literally had to argue with other recruits that the kid was not my son.


Man stuff like this never fails the irritate me.

I was talking with some friends about how my father had passed away, and I was looking through photos on my PC of the two of us. Keep in mind that I'm adopted.

I sent a picture of us when I was about 13 or so. One of my friends said "That's not your dad." And I was like "Yeah, it is." And she kept insisting that it was not because we looked nothing alike. She said "I could see maybe an uncle. Or a cousin. But that's not your dad." Even when I reminded her I'm adopted she still kept insisting this.

What gives you the right to tell me who my dad is or is not? Man I was pissed for that entire exchange.


Just, Like, Look At A Map?

If the [Netherlands] is part of the united states.

As someone who has lived here since I was born. I really don't think so.


That's A Line In The Sand To Draw

A guy I knew hates people that take drugs and was saying how we are all wasters and low lifes, so I said "yea but you drink man" (we were in the pub and the guy was a bloody raging alcoholic)

I continued "Drink is a drug like."

He turned to me and said "No it's not you clown, it's a liquid."

Luckily other people heard and I just looked around and walked away.


So It's Your Preferences Against Their Hunch? That's...

my friend told me i liked pasta salad (really gross, i hate it). i told him i have never enjoyed it in my life. we argued for about 15 minutes on whether i liked it or not. with me very specifically repeating that i, in fact, hate it.


My sister, who will NEVER, EVER, EVER, admit to being wrong argues with me all the time about whether or not I like chicken. I have always hated chicken but according to her, I've always loved it.


Arguing With A Primary Source

Not me, but there was the guy on Twitter that was arguing about how periods work...with a woman.


[Well] if he didn't explain it to her how else was she supposed to know how it worked?


At Least You Owned Up To It

I'm the idiot in this one.

I don't remember what started it, but at some point my wife's birthday came up.

"Yeah, it's the <our anniversary date> right?"

"No, my birthday is <her birthday>."

"Are you sure?"

Went back and forth a couple times with me insisting our anniversary was her birthday and her birthday was our anniversary before I realized, wait a minute, I'm an idiot.


Seriously. Never Take Cat Matters Lightly.

Whether or not a cat in a photo looked exactly like my cat. It turned into an aggressive shouting match that led to a breakup.


That's...Not How Science Works At All.

I once had a person tell me that the reason there are holes in the ozone layer was because we keep sending ships up into space and poking holes in it.

That was a fun half hour...


Does this person thinks the OZONE LAYER is a literal dome around the world, and not a layer of a gas?


...Egg. EGG.


The pronunciation of "egg".

It is still an ongoing argument between my brothers and myself.

The argument is whether the E is pronounced as a hard A or as a soft E


You just made so many people on Reddit question how they say egg and try it with the different pronunciations