People Share The So-Called 'Old People' Activities They Thoroughly Enjoy
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Most people don't associate "old people" with having a good time.

Most people are missing.

It turns out quite a few things people typically think of as "old people activities" are fun! More than that, they always have been.

"Old people activities" seems to just be a really ageist way of saying "stuff that has a chill vibe and let's you savor the moment."

Reddit user Tellurye asked:

"What's an 'old person' activity that you thoroughly enjoy?"

Except the sounds. That's mostly involuntary, as fun as it is to make a whole big production about getting out of every chair.

Sound Effects

"Getting up from a couch/chair/bed with a grunting sound."

- Nununugget

"I just told my husband this morning that the 'uuuuungh' is the fuel your joints need to work after 30."

- fantasyflyte

"I started doing it ironically a few years ago, and now it's not ironic anymore."

- Goseki1

"Also sitting down and making a contented sigh. That’s me all the time."

"I think I started doing it ironically, but it’s been 100% organic for years now."

- mr-nefarious

"I do that with every activity. It definitely adds more power."

- VirginVibes_TV

"Man I remember when I was a kid and would help out my uncle work on his cars (aka hold the flashlight) I would always hear him do this weird grunting/loud breathing type noise and I always wondered why he’d do it."

"Well a couple years ago I was working on my car and as I went to lay down on my creeper I made that damn same noise involuntarily and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself and think 'ahhhh motherf*cker comes with age.' lol"

- jakstoughpuppy


Old Man Walk

"occasionally putting my hands behind my back as I walk for no reason."

- [Reddit]


"The old man walk is seriously the best. Plus a bit of a shuffle to reduce impact."

"10/10 walking style."

- TentacleHydra

"I did this in high school and one of my friends mothers called me The Rabbi. It came in handy going to museums and exhibitions to keep my grubby little hands off the priceless antiques"

- MissHibernia

"I've had a horrible lower back my whole life. I do the pregnant lady thing where you press your hand in the small of your back and waddle forward."

- ChadMcRad


Rocking and Looking. Looking and Rocking.

"Have you ever sat in a rocking chair? They're amazing!"

- DarkMarketRebel

"Yes! I love sitting on a rocking chair on my porch…just looking and rocking and rocking and looking."

"My husband sits in a chair next to me and we rock and look together. It’s nice."

- HeartFullOfHappy

"My husband and I are in our rocking chairs right now."

"If we’re sitting, you’ll find us in them almost all the time. The only thing better is one of those hanging chairs that you can swing in."

"If I ever get to build my own house, I’m going to install a few that will overlook the water or forest or rolling hills."

- Tacoma__Crow

"I asked for a rocking chair for Christmas this year, just on the off chance that someone found one on Facebook marketplace or something for real cheap."

"It's been fantastic. Rocking chairs rock."

- BronzeAgeTea


Self Soothing

"Knitting and Crochet kept me sane those the last 5ish years of world chaos. I have something else to keep busy with while watching tv instead of doom scrolling on my phone."

- Hopefulkitty

"I'm a fidgety autistic mess and can confirm, crocheting is such a fantastic self-soothing tool."

"I finally decided to conquer amigurumi and made some octopii recently, they're so cute! I also made myself a really cozy scarf and so far my crowning jewel is a huge waffle stitch quilt."

"It's great having a little project to work on all the time."

- Concerned-Pineapple

"That crochet sh*t is amazing."

"Like you can do a hobby but also do other things at the same time AND you can make a physical thing like a blanket or scarf or whatever! It's relaxing."

"...although I admit when I started I drastically underestimated how much yarn you actually need."

- Zankwa

"I wish I still crocheted!"

"I taught myself how to do it and was really proud of myself. Unfortunately some of my friends made fun of it and called me an old lady a few times and it soured it."

"Now I can’t crochet due to hyper mobility and pain in my hands due to repetitive, small movements. Maybe I am an old lady after all."

- Miladypartzz


Hard Candy?

"Eating hard candy. Werthers original anyone?"

- lag_rvp

"When I was a little kid, there was an old man and his wife who always sat behind us in church. He would always sneak me Werther's Originals when he thought no one was looking."

"I always keep a bag of them around and they're still just as good."

- Klaudiapotter

"Lol an old guy customer would always bring hard candy to the bank for us tellers."

- follyandmayhemer

"This for me. Anyone sleeping on hard candy is missing out."

- eightfoldabyss


Senior Tours

"Going on tour groups that are marketed 'for seniors'."

"I know a lot of people my age like to just go wherever they want and do exciting physical activities and hike and paraglide and jump out of planes or whatever."

"To be honest, I prefer it when someone is there to drive me to and from places that they've picked for me, show me all the cool things and tell me all the history, take me on a slow, easy walk, and then put mounds of food in front of me."

"It could be that I'm a bit lazier than most (which is true), could be that I'm not the type that enjoys spontaneity (which is true), could also be because I was used to going on these trips to accompany my grandparents when I was growing up."

"Either way, I kind of prefer it over the impromptu no plans kind of vacation. It’s great fun!"

"I love chatting with everyone else on the trips. Having the majority of the rest of the group being sweet elderly people who’ve retired and just want to see the world and meet new people is always nice."

"I’ve never been judged by them. 9/10 they just want to talk and are super curious. Takes the pressure off of me and I always get treated like a precious grandchild. Good memories."

- historygoose


Staying Home

"Staying home"

- Akira282


"Why spend $6 on 2 drinks, plus tip? I can make 10 drinks for $20 at home."

"Why dance around sweaty people in ear-damaging levels of music? I can listen to whatever I want, at whatever level I want at home."

"Why spend $25 on a hamburger from a restaurant? I can make a whole cookout at home for $10."

"I could actually go on and on with this list..."

- theredwillow

"Using your own bathroom with your preferred TP instead of sketchy public bathroom!"

- glenarbourgal


Snail Mail

"Paying bills with a check in the mail."

"Now don’t get me wrong, 99% of my bills are automatically paid and drawn electronically from my bank."

"However one of my bills (don’t ask me why, I have no answer for you) requires a check to be snail-mailed in monthly."

"Every month I have this ritual of going to my office desk, pulling out my check book, filling out the check line by line, pulling out a fresh envelope, and writing in the sender and recipient addresses, then carefully placing my stamp on the envelope before sealing it and walking it to my mailbox."

"It’s weird but it’s one of those analog versions of something that I oddly enjoy more than the digital version."

"In fact as a result of that, I’ve gotten me more into snail-mailing things. I love sending handwritten thank you notes in the mail and people usually have great reactions."

"Turns out receiving anything in the mail that’s not a bill or junk mail can really make someone’s day."

- bradleykent


As A Treat

"As a treat for myself to unwind, I usually break out a cigar and pour myself a drink and enjoy that while sitting on my rocking chair on the porch."

"I’m 22, but the combined peace of the outdoors, the pairing of the cigar and fine whiskey, and the feeling of being left the f*ck alone is just beyond amazing."

- 3pointstonibbadore

"Oh man. You gotta try a cigar and some gas station coffee!"

"Trust me. Gas station coffee sounds gnarly, but it's got a good kick to it and depending on the roast it can go real nice with a robust cigar"

- transzient

"Hell yeah."

"This is some real old man sh*t. Love it!"

- Tellurye


For The Birds

"Bird watching. I always get excited when I see a new type of bird at the feeder."

- another-modern-leper

"I remember the first time I was happy a pretty bird landed on a tree outside my window."

"I was like 'This is it, I’m no longer a boy, this is how older people feel inside!' It was humbling, overwhelming and beautiful."

- Thx_but_no_

"I set up a few bird feeders in our backyard at the start of the pandemic and was enjoying all the different birds that flew into the yard."

"Then we had about 10 days of snow and two mallard duck couples stayed for a visit and it was truly so divine to witness. I looked forward to their visits each day."

- leesajane


Ideal Fridays

"My ideal Friday night: 4 Advil, a muscle relaxer, fresh baked cookies, a movie or show with walk and talk vibes (think Aaron Sorkin), a fuzzy blanket, and in bed by 9:30 at the lasted 😂👏🏻"

"I’m 28 but I feel 82 because chronic illness 😂"

- SomedayMightCome

Coin Collecting

"Coin collecting."

"I've been collecting coins since I was around 12 years old, I'm 29 now and my collection has grown tremendously over the years."

"My grandpa also collects coins so we have great conversations going through our collection together."

- swamptheyard

Super Mario Nintendo GIFGiphy

Seamster Bro

"I like hemming clothes, sewing patches, or and general seamster activity."

"It's funny because I'm a gym bro/gamer guy but every now and then I damage my wardrobe and get to reward myself with a natgeo special and some needle and thread."

- lilBanshee473

Classic Clean

"Shaving with old fashioned shaving soap, boars hair brush, and razor."

"My 83 yr old uncle & retired barber has soaps still in their boxes from over 70 yrs ago. I've been tempted to ask him if I can try one."

- Cycleofmadness

Daily Life

"Naps, wearing slippers, solitaire, squirrel watching, going to bed early, tea and biscuits, spending all day with my plants, looking at store flyers for deals."

- heckin-gecko

New York Nyc GIFGiphy

No Social Life?

"Reading a book."

"It's something a lot of people do these days but the people I know who hate reading or have no time for it say it's an old person activity for people who have no social life."

"I mean, I don't at the moment so I don't see why they'd have to state the obvious."

- Lovely_Lucario227

Old School Reaction GIF by LeVar Burton KidsGiphy

Puzzle Time

"I’m 16 and a dedicated table to do jigsaw puzzles."

"Like not just one of those white fold out tables or anything. A table especially designed to do them, with a lip around the edge to keep the pieces in and little drawers that also hold the pieces."

"I love it."

- Perfectlynext

Art With A Needle

"Embroidery, it's very fascinating to be able to create beautiful art with a needle, thread and a piece of cloth"

- Hisokas_Babygorl

Independent Breakfast

"I enjoy turning my phone off, buying a newspaper and taking myself out to breakfast. So I'll sit there by myself, reading the newspaper and/or making a sad attempt to do the NYT crossword puzzle and enjoying my breakfast."

"I love doing it and 10/10 would recommend."

"Honestly, just learning how to be okay spending time doing things by myself. Not just to be okay with it, but actually enjoy it. And I do, I thoroughly enjoy my independent outings."

- stephanielil

Turns out old people have been totally onto something this whole time.

Protect your peace, pick up a craft you can do while sitting in a rocking chair, and go watch some birds.

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