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Paula Abdul mistook Nicole Scherzinger for Shakira in a viral post-Superbowl tweet.

The Masked Singer judge didn't let it slide however.

The former singer and American Idol judge created the awkward tweet during the Super Bowl this past Sunday. The tweet she shared expressed her excitement to see Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Demi Lovato perform at the halftime show.

Here's where it gets weird. Abdul's tweet contained photos of her with J. Lo, Demi, and....not Shakira.

Instead, the photo contained Pussycat Dolls' Nicole Scherzinger.

And she thought it was just as funny as the rest of us did.

Abdul's original tweet has since been deleted, but Sherzinger's hilarious quip has gone viral. People are finding it humorous, poking fun at Abdul's well-intentioned mistake.

As of now, Abdul has not responded to the tweet. Despite having worked with Sherzinger on The X-Factor, she still failed to notice her slip-up. But the fans sure didn't.

Regardless, the two of them are both queens. And while Paula Abdul may have made a mistake, Scherzinger really handled it with grace.

Talk about a ScherZINGER.

We aren't perfect. There's plenty of things in our pasts that we look back and cringe at.

That being said, sometimes those cringe moments go far past cringe. Sometimes they get to the point of no return awfulness because that's where our human nature took us in this moment.

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