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Nick Jonas is a man of many talents, but does the former Disney star have what it takes to pull off playing the Dark Knight?

Now that Ben Affleck's tenure as Bruce Wayne is officially over, the search is on for the new star of the upcoming Batman redux from writer/director Matt Reeves.

Simply called The Batman, the film, which is slated to hit theaters in 2021, is rumored to focus around a younger Bruce Wayne.

So who could pull off a younger version of the dark, brooding, and tormented character?

How about Disney alum Nick Jonas?

After posting a picture of the Dark Knight on Instagram, Hypebeast asked fans who they thought should take over the role of Batman for the upcoming film.

The 26-year-old singer songwriter threw his hat in the ring, commenting "First name Nick. Last name Jonas."

There is no telling if Jonas was serious about his interest in the role but fans certainly had their opinions about the idea of him putting the cape and cowl.

People seemed to consider Jonas about as dark and brooding as an episode of Dora the Explorer and most couldn't seriously see him taking over.

There might still be a part for Jonas in the upcoming film though, if Batman's faithful sidekick happens to make an appearance.

Based on the reactions, we likely won't be seeing Jonas behind the mask any time soon, but fans had plenty of other ideas as to who could take on the role.

Though some of us are still holding out hope though for the return of the darkest knight to ever play the part.

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