Things People Will Never Understand No Matter How Many Times Someone Explains Them

We can have some things explained something over and over and over, and the details may never stick.

It doesn't mean we're dumb, not everything is meant to click.

Maybe you're more inclined to English and history, so science and math elude you. Or vice versa.

Redditor CodeBlackGoonit wanted to know what aspects of life will probably forever drive us crazy, so they asked:

"What's something you still don't understand even after many different people explain it to you?"

Math, science, love. I give up trying to figure it out.

The Fit


"How to properly fold a fitted sheet."


"It’s pretty straight forward. Pretend to fold it up for 20 minutes, then just shove it somewhere."



"Fourth dimension."


"Think about describing something's location. 3d world is X, Y, and Z. So you could say 'My keys are on the table, 10 ft in from the front door, 5 ft to the left, and 3ft off the ground.'"

"But you go look, and they're not there. So, add a 4th dimension to your description, when were they there? Things move about in space over a period of time; time is that fourth dimension."


Confusing Concepts

"The Krebs Cycle."


"In 8 years of higher education, I had to regurgitate and draw the Kreb's cycle on tests probably 15 times or so. I had to temporarily re-learn it every time. I still couldn't draw it today. You need to understand the concept, but the individual steps of the process are something most people will never need to remember."



"Math. Just anything more than the basics and my brain turns to mash."


"If it's a problem for you, look into getting tested for dyscalculia. I was diagnosed with it a few years ago and it was such a relief finding out that I'm not less intelligent, I'm not stupid or slow. That there's actually a reason. I wish they were aware of it all the years I was struggling in school. But I'm happy for the kids growing up now that they might have better access to proper help in those classes."


Bad Hype

Trash Cash GIF by Production ClubGiphy



"There's nothing to understand. They're just another Ponzi scheme, but this time each token has a URL attached to it. They are made of hype."


These NFTs. Who thought this was a good idea?

Value Craziness

Stan Marsh America GIF by South ParkGiphy

"The stock market."


"Owning very small slices of a company. As the company's value goes up or down, so does the value of the individual slices. Some slices also pay out a share of the profits to the 'owners' (dividends)."



"The Monty Hall Problem."


"Do this experiment with a friend. Have them shuffle a full deck of cards, and then have you draw one face down."

"Then, have them look through every single card in the deck for the ace of spades. If they find the ace of spades, select it and place it face down. If they don’t find the ace of spades, instead select a random card and put it face down. Put the rest of the deck aside."

"Now, one of you has the ace of spades. Who is more likely to have it: you, who picked blindly from the full deck, or your friend, who got to see every single card in the deck except yours? I think after a few trials, you will very quickly see why the odds are not 50/50."



"The greater than/less than signs, <>. I can't read them and am always confused as to which is what. Honestly don't care anymore, I made it this far this long without understanding them so I don't want to know now. But a lot of people still try to explain it to me, the alligator mouth really confuses me even more."


Magic Watching

"How a dvd works. Or how a record player works, for that matter. Like how does it transfer the little grooves to make… sound and light? Black magic."


"DVDs are pits and hills, and it's all 1s and 0s. So it's just reading a file off of the disc, which is usually a video format, similar to an MP4."

"Vinyls have the sound waveform melted into them, the needle vibrates to recreate the sound. That's the gist of it. One complication is that highs are over emphasized and lows are deemphasized, and the turntable runs the sound through an RIAA filter to get the correct sound."


Educational Issues

animation domination lol GIF by gifnewsGiphy



"It was supposed to be an educational tool about how capitalism and private property ownership funnel wealth into the hands of a wealthy few, at the expense of the working class. Then a corporation copied it, rebranded that as a good thing and sold it as entertainment."


$$$ Issues

"People who don't make a lot who blow all of their money on stupid things that make it look like they have money, rather than actually getting themselves ahead."


"Can explain. Grew up poor. When the basics are (barely) covered, anything else left is seen as extra or feel good money so it is spent accordingly."


I will never get Monopoly. And I no longer care to.

Do you have anything to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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