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Movies mean a lot of things to a lot of people.

We'll never really predict how films can effect us.

But when it's a cartoon or supposed G rated flick, we think we're safe from sadness and trauma.


Ask anyone who has seen 'UP.'

Kid's films can be heartbreaking.

Some are even designed that way.

Redditor ladanyilatz wanted to hear about what movies left humans SHOOK to our cores. They asked cinema watchers:

"What 'child-friendly' movie left you traumatized?"

Bambi, it's always Bambi for me.


The Dark Crystal Cristal Oscuro GIF by FilminGiphy

"The Dark Crystal. The part where the Skeksis Emperor dies and his face crumbles apart still haunts me."


I Can't

"The first Land Before Time movie is a lot darker and sadder than the sequels that followed."


"I sob like a ten-year-old girl."


"I took my kid to see it. Big mistake. Of course when I was a kid, my dad thought Old Yeller would be a good movie to take 4-year-old me to."


Real Bad

"Where the Red Fern Grows."


"Wilson Rawls spoke at my grade school. Yeah I am old, lol. He said the book was almost all true which is even scarier. I remember him saying the silver trophy for Annie was made up, but the really bad stuff was real."


"Most of our class were crying as we read the ending of the book in class. lol..."


Don't Leave



"Duuude I first saw ET when I was like 5. I was totally fine with it up until ET was face down in the water, pale, dying. That's the part that freaked me out to the core and I couldn't watch it again for 6 years."


"This exact same thing happened to me! Apparently I was inconsolable and did not watch the movie again in years. So traumatic."


Glasses On

Macaulay Culkin Handshake GIFGiphy

"My Girl. When Vada starts crying about how he needs his glasses, it gets me every time."


I can't even talk about 'My Girl.'

Look Away


"Old Yeller…"


"I had to watch this with the whole class in primary school. Literally everyone in my class was crying. I still haven't recovered."


Freak house...

"Monster house scared me. LOL."


"It made me sad for the poor lady that got turned into a freak house... she never deserved any of it. All she wanted was a happy, quiet life with her husband."


"My friends and I decided to watch that last year for kicks because we heard it was weird, and although we're past the age where it would scare us, it was freaking weird. The whole time I was wondering whose idea it was to make that into a kid's movie... or to make it a movie at all."



"The fox and the hound."


"I watched the fox and the hound one time when I was a child, and I will never watch it again. My husband suggested it for a movie night with the kids one time. No, just no. I'm not doing that to my children."


"Don't shield them from amazing things. People need to experience sorrow and joy to grow. I saw the movie like a hundred times as a kid."



"The Witches with Anjelica Huston, that scared the crap out of me."


"Came here to say this. Absolutely terrifying. I don’t think I ever recovered. I recently watched the new version and regretted it - I could still see Anjelica Huston and those messed up rats."


"I loved that movie as a kid. I don't know why, but I was fascinated by the witches even though they were bad. My cousins were too scared to watch it with me so I had to watch it by myself."



All Dogs Go To Heaven Food GIFGiphy

"'All Dogs go to Heaven.' The 'You can never come back' scene gave me nightmares."


"Oh my God yes or the scene where they hit Charlie with the car or the one where the boss dog almost dropped his other dog into water with aggressive fish."


All these movies kill me. Never again.