People Break Down The Most Toxic Fandoms On The Internet

Be it a sports team, movie star, or book series, just about everything has its fan base.

Though some fanbases are much more "fanatical" than others.

In some cases, one fanbase leads to another, such as Twilight internet fan fiction leading to the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy.

Sadly, there are also fan bases that don't simply celebrate the person, series, or team they idolize, but sometimes make an effort to take down their rivals and competition.

Clogging up social media, message boards and online comments sections with their unpleasant rhetoric.

Redditor Sarthak_Taras was curious to hear what people considered to be the most toxic online fanbases, leading them to ask:
"What are the most toxic fandoms on the internet?"

Always Remember, They Work For Us!

"Fans of politicians."

"Too many people have forgotten that politicians are public servants and not celebrities."

"We elect them to serve, not to be worshipped."- Kedosto

Fine To Be Fascinated, Admiring Them However...

"All those crazy fans who support serial killers just because they think they're hot."

"Ted Bundy fanatics etc."- Oiaosq

"Jefferey Dahmer fans."- saturnwrites17

You Can't Pick And Choose...

'There's a very prevalent group of metal fans that claim that nobody listens to metal anymore but then proceed to hate every metal band that isn't from the 80s or earlier."- NeutralityTsar

'The 'real metal' elitists."- Dozinggreen66

music video 80s GIFGiphy

... Are There Any Fans Left?...

"Idk how they are anymore, but 10 years ago the 'Glee' fandom was the worst."- meganmicheles

Always Best To Leave It To The Professionals

"I wouldn't class my contribution as a fandom but it's definitely a toxic internet-inspired community."

'Armchair detectives and true crime obsessives."

"I don't mean people who like to listen to TC podcasts or documentaries."

"I mean the people who actively try and solve a missing person/murder case and just end up getting things wrong, making very serious and often false allegations, disrupting an investigation or hurting family members."

"Helping catch Gabby Petito's killer was an exception."

"Just look at the Nicola Bulley case in the UK right now, sad case YouTubers traipsing thru people's gardens at night, accusing house owners of criminality for daring to leave a light on late at night."

"Overall, just a horrible community who do more harm than good."

"Reddit enables a lot of this type of thing too, I must add."- KrippendorfsAlfalfa

Good Sportsmanship Doesn't Just Apply To The Players

"Sport Fans who gets into fist fights over a damn game they aren’t even playing themselves." -Reddit

3 Lions Wow GIFGiphy

Everyone Is Entitled To Privacy

"'The Heartstopper' fandom forced Kit Connor to come out of the closet, at the age of 18."

"That's pretty toxic."- FireFlinger

Sometimes Fandom Comes With Cognitive Dissonance

"'Rick and Morty Fandom', especially if individuals belonging to the fandom, decided to defend Justin Roiland."

"Don't get me wrong, I like 'Rick and Morty', but I can also take a step back and analyze the creators, the content, and the fan culture."

"Everybody I've met who is a die-hard 'Rick and Morty' fan usually thinks they're just like Rick."

"If you watch the show, you should know that he's not an ideal role model."

"Not a huge fan of that behavior."- Bubbly-Substance-112

Calm Down Now...

"There is a very specific set of 'The Legend of Korra' fans that are incredibly toxic and horrible."- ApathicSaint

why dont you just come and find out avatar the last airbender GIFGiphy

Always Important To Get Back To Reality

"Genshin impact Twitter."- BenWinnin

Taste Is Subjective, Especially In Music


"I’ve been called racist for saying I don’t like it."- Top_Buy2467

Be it for their local sports team or their favorite book, fans have every right to show their enthusiasm.

But when they begin to demean others, and their fandom ceases to be a celebration, they might want to think more carefully about their actions.

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