People Describe The Most American Things Someone Can Do

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Every country has its stereotypes, but probably one of the most heavily stereotyped and satirically mocked has to be the United States of America.

Funnily enough, there are behaviors and activities a person from America might perform without thinking twice about it, only to totally reveal to someone from another country where they are from.

Redditor DadIsMadAtMe asked:

"What's the most American thing a person can do?"

The Bigger, the Better

"Drive a monster truck."

- vv_bkn

Travel Prepared

"Demand everybody speak English in non-English speaking countries."

- Midnite_St0rm

The Super-Fans of Politics

"To simp for politicians that are actively exploiting them."

- rookie-number

Medical Debt

"Go into medical bankruptcy because they couldn't afford to get their bullet wounds fixed up."

- Aurelion_Sol_Badguy

Worry More about the Cost than the Care

"It's so frustrating, I woke up in the hospital from a skiing accident, and the first thing that came to my mind was, 'S**t, how much is this gonna cost my parents?' It was the first thing I asked my doctor about, too."

- Vellarev

Unique Measurements

"Describe size by the number of football fields."

"And distance is expressed in driving time."

- vaildin

Sports, Guns, and Beer

"I think if a person would get drunk, target practice with their AR-15 on 2-liter bottles of Diet Coke, while wearing their 2017 State Football champions t-shirt and listening to Hank Williams Jr., that's pretty American. It's 100% Missourian, at least."

- Adept_Ad_4369

Move to Florida

"Become Florida Man."

- Lonebadguy

The End of Every Good Recipe?

"Top it with shredded cheese."

- WorldlyPhilosopher

Self-Worth Based on Work

"I’ve been really sick this week. I’ve also felt crushing guilt for not working while out sick. That feels pretty American."

- BrideOfFirkenstein

Stranger Than Fiction

"There was an incredibly popular television series about a government employee who had to become a meth dealer to pay for his medical bills after being diagnosed with cancer… so, I’m gonna go with that." - El_mochilero

Recite Your Family Tree

"Saying 'I’m 2% [insert nationality] because my great-great-great-great-great grandpa was [nationality].'"

- Icy_Veterinarian67

For the Love of Fireworks

"Have an endless supply of fireworks to shoot off for the fourth of July, any sports event, or just at random, but only fire them after finishing half a case of ice-cold beer."

- Kirmickw

Super Bowl Celebrations

"Have a bunch of people over for the Super Bowl, drink beer, and eat Brats and burgers with chips."

"For extra American-ness, make sure you're drinking out of red plastic cups and saying, 'Wooo!' a lot."

- ixamnis

Flags Like Decorations

"As a Canadian, this is one of the things that weirds me out about the US: American flags absolutely EVERYWHERE."

"Especially in small towns, the streets oftentimes look like the backdrop of some kind of military parade on a random Tuesday."

"Yeah, some people up here have the Canadian flag flying in their yard too, and you see them at government buildings and stuff, but it’s nowhere near as prevalent as the Stars and Stripes are in the States."

- SirTophamFat

While some other countries may do some of these things in a more mild way, and while not every American does these things, these stereotypes are undoubtedly American for those who perform them.

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