Why are people crazy with words?

It's like no one has been taught to think before they speak.

There are fine lines between some thoughts and then there is just straight-up nonsense.

Like... do you not realize you're in public?

And what you're saying is a crime?

Redditor Mysterychic88 wanted hear about the what some people have said to others that left shivers down their spine. They asked:

"What's the eeriest thing a complete stranger has ever said to you?"
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People Share The One Word People Need To Stop Overusing
Mimi Thian/Unsplash

I use the word 'literally' like, literally, all the time.

Am I a professional writer who understands that the repetition can lose some readers? Yes.

Am I educated and fully aware of the definition of the word "literally" and the fact that I almost never actually mean "literally" when I say literally? Also, yes.

Do I know it annoys some people? Also, also yes.

Am I going to stop doing it any time soon? ... ... ... I'll take that into careful consideration.

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People Describe The Worst Cases Of 'Toxic Positivity' They've Ever Witnessed
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

We all want to have the best of intentions, I mean at least I hope we do.

In order to do that though... we need to start watching what falls out of our mouths.

First, read the room.

Second, process your thoughts.

Third, just be present.

I know we've been indoctrinated to believe that putting a positive spin on every little thing will make life all better.

But that is not always the case.

Redditor numb_yet_emotional wanted to discuss the ways being "positive" maybe didn't work out best. They asked:

"What is the worst toxic positivity you've heard?"
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People Explain Which Phrases They Wish Everyone Would Stop Using
Kate Kalvach on Unsplash

A lot of people like to talk.

Being outgoing or an extrovert is encouraged in popular culture as an ideal, so prattling on is seen as better than remaining silent.

But is it?

Especially when all that's said are the same tired clichés that stopped being clever a long time ago.

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People Break Down The Best Backhanded Compliments They've Ever Heard
Photo by Nathan Bingle on Unsplash

People think most of us are too lame to catch when we're being insulted.

I will admit some backhanded compliments can comedy gold.

But nonetheless, be kind.

For instance... "So happy for you. We never thought you could lose the weight and look this good."

Excuse me?!

Redditor assouda wanted to hear all of the supposed niceties they've been told in life. They asked:

"What seems like a compliment but is actually an insult?"
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