People Share The Most Absurd Personal Complaint They've Ever Heard
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The amount of frivolous personal complaints seems to have hit new levels.

Whether it's complaints from co-workers or customers, nonsense is nonsense. The things I've heard people complain about in the workplace boggles my mind.

"Your smile isn't bright enough."

"I didn't feel appreciated."

"The color of your shirt is too loud."

"Your name is offensive."

Redditor InfiniteCalendar1 wanted to hear about some of the drama that's been thrown people's way, so they asked:

"What is the most ridiculous thing someone has filed a complaint against you or someone you know about?"

I once had a customer complain I didn't read the menu to her.

Not make suggestions, but literally read the menu to her.

"you guys have a great day"


"Working in retail I once said 'you guys have a great day' I was reported by an elderly women who objected to not being addressed as 'ma'am'."

"She also objected to 'have a great day' because she had come into the aquarium store because her fish was dead and she was upset that someone would tell her to 'have a great day' when her fish had died."

- vile_lullaby

A measly grand?

"I got sued in small claims court by a mentally ill man who said I stole $1000 worth of roast beef and 2 sun tanning lights from him."

"It got continued twice and by the time we had our day in court, he forgot what he sued me for and just went off on a tirade about me being an a**hole."

- SteveMcQueef81

On Camera

"I once had a complaint filed against me for calling someone a slur in the elevator. My boss called me in, and we watched the camera footage from the elevator."

"Me and the other person were talking and having a good conversation and laughing with each other. My boss just said 'yeah I watched it earlier and I have no idea what they are talking about'."

"So someone tried to get me fired for no reason."

- damnyoutuesday

(manager and up)

"I once was told there was a high-level (manager and up) meeting being held about me… on account of my emails being written too well. :/ "

"I can write quick, well-worded emails, and someone in upper management thought that I must have been spending too much time writing my emails, possibly as a means of appearing to be superior to others."

- FormoftheBeautiful



"I worked at McDonalds. A man put a complaint in because I wouldn't let him in after we'd already shut."

- GardaTerror

Yeah, closed means closed.

You had time to get there during open hours. See you tomorrow.

We have lives too.

No thank you...


"Got a complaint filed against me by a customer for unnecessary rudeness because I turned down a guy's offer to take me out on a date."

"He asked me (repeatedly) while I was working. Dude was at least in his mid 40s; I was 16."

- Bayonethics

a scarlet letter...

"When I was a teenager working at an ice cream store, a secret shopper wrote that I was 'friendly but did not smile'."

"This write up was posted on the bulletin board like it was a scarlet letter of shame and the manager talked to me about smiling more."

"30 years later, I am still friendly but unsmiling."

- Goldeverywhere

A Little Off

"I had a coworker from a different department call me this morning and threatened me for something his boss had done regarding something I have no control over."

"I eventually got him to sheepishly admit that there was nothing I had control over in the situation and he was mad his boss had made the decision without consulting him first."

"Government work attracts some odd balls."

- crimsonlaw

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I hate retail!

"I was working in a lighting store (ceiling lights, chandeliers, etc). Secret shoppers would get sent over to us every so often and they were usually pretty obvious."

"This guy claimed he needed ceiling fans for his home so I go through the whole thing finding fans that work in his rooms, suit the design of his home, airflow needs, etc. But obviously without a specific need to buy something requiring electrical wiring this guy left without purchasing."

"He wrote that I was excellent in every way but didn't try to upsell him anything."

"At the next staff meeting the manager read this out, tried shame me in front of everyone and stressed that we need to try and sell people crap they don't even need."

"How the heck do I upsell a damn ceiling fan? 'Hey would you like a $2000 crystal chandelier with your fans? How about a set of garden lights?' I hate retail."

- LilPeaHen

Stay Literate...

Read Friends Tv GIF Giphy

"I once had a coworker file an HR complaint against me for reading books at lunch."

"I told HR that he's probably just offended I'm not reading adult magazines on the clock like he does."

- LaPieEnRose

Just Ask...

"This happened fairly recently. My new co-worker has been treating me like I'm incompetent since he started. One of his favorite subtle insults is to tell me, "If you didn't understand, you should have asked me" when he assumes I've made some sort of mistake. One day he messed up and failed to accomplish a task the way it had been defined. In a moment of thoughtlessness, and because the phrase on its own is insulting but in a pretty minor way."

"I told him that if he hadn't understood, he should have asked me. He immediately went to the general manager to file a formal complaint against me on that basis of that one sentence. They took it surprisingly seriously, though I was pretty easily able to convince them it was a minor misunderstanding." ~ Oudeis16

I'm going to Target!

"I work at Walmart. A customer complained that I was on my phone the whole time. If you work at Walmart or any retail place. then you know we have those stupid Android handhelds. I use it to make sure grown adults aren't stealing and to do age checks and stuff. My manager looked at the video and was like yeah. That's not a phone it's just something she needs to do her job. Customer just couldn't comprehend that." ~ Mads21xx

she tried to strangle my grandma...

I'm a nurse and my husband's crazy ex called my work with a litany of complaints against me. Things as small as "she's stealing the narcotics" to "she tried to strangle my grandma." She was desperate to get me fired so I couldn't afford to live with my then-boyfriend. My manager called me into her office and said, "What the hell is going on?!" ~ Itsjustmeagainmom


Karen Intensifies GIF by MOODMAN Giphy

"I worked at Pier 1. On Black Friday a woman tried to have me fired for putting her purchase in a paper bag with a tear at the top." ~ Wide_Ocelot


"Years ago, back when I worked at a video arcade, there was a kid that had been asking me for free tokens one day. I gave him a few, because we were allowed to give some out each day as "refunds" and it was a slow day so I had extra. He came back a little later for more and then got upset when I didn't give him any more."

"The next day he came in with his mother and she said that he told her that I took one of the fake plastic guns from one of the "shooter" style video games and threatened to kill her son with it. She told all this to my manager and I was instantly fired on the spot without the chance to say anything. It really sucked because I really liked that job."

"I got to spend all day around video games, watching people play, repairing the cabinets, which was awesome because I am an avid gamer and it was like a dream come true to work with video games. Ever since I've worked in offices and well... life has been a little more grey since." ~ Sardonnicus

Keep Standing

"I was training a new employee (I was early 20s, she was late 40s) and I told her that if we finished our work a few minutes before break, we could stand around as long as we were available to customer questions. She told on me and I got written up the next day. Now I only train exactly what we're supposed to do." ~ weeabooty420

Too Kind

"Being too nice. I worked inside a coffee shop that was inside a grocery store during this time. Man walks in and I greet him and ask him what he'd like to order. He literally bolts and complains to the IT guy that I was too nice and too happy. He came in to inform me what had just happened and he wouldn't stop laughing at me." ~ YellowSphinx

A Bad Boost

"I jokingly told co-workers I was feeling disgruntled that day. The administrative assistant (whose job I was actively training for) overheard me and reported me to the boss. I had to have a sit down meet with them both and got written up for not "boosting team morale". Another time the same AA went into the bathroom after me and noted that I did not refill the toilet paper while I was in there."

"Again, had to have a meeting over it. I was SO happy when she left. I was a large public bathroom with 4 stalls. I didn't leave the place without any toilet paper. One of the stalls was running low and apparently I should have checked it and put more rolls in." ~ SugarHooves

Not my Foam!

"A woman ordered a cappuccino and got upset that the one I made her had foam. I explained to her what a cappuccino is, she got angry and said "I know what a cappuccino is!!!" And lodged a complaint with my manager." ~ SquiddSyd

How did he find me?

"Out of the blue, a complete stranger who had just been released from state prison sued me in family court asking for visitation with our 10 y/o non-existent child. Apparently he had gone to a party at "my" house and "we" had a one night stand in my basement bedroom (my basement is not finished). When "I" got pregnant I promised to have an abortion but did not, and now he was ready to step up and be a dad! How did he find me?"

"He couldn't remember an exact address so he went through my neighborhood on Google Maps and was "sure" it happened in my house. For weeks he refused to believe he had the wrong person until I went to the police station and had an officer email a family photo to him while he had him on the phone and vouch that it was me in the photo." ~ jenel2583

I'm so glad I work at home with only dogs and a cat.

And when I go outside I avoid eye contact for all of these reasons.

Find some inner peace folks.

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