People Describe The Minor Injuries That Hurt Like Hell
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Injuries that don't result in a trip to the emergency room are a blessing.

But that doesn't mean small injuries can't be painful. For example, a stubbed toe doesn't necessarily mean it's broken, but it sure can feel like it.

Curious to hear about our pain threshold, Redditor lawyeratyourservice asked:

"What minor injury hurts like a mf?"

Our extremities take the hit.

A Crippling Pain

"Plantar fasciitis - like walking on hot broken glass."

– BoilermkrDH

Excruciating Impact

"Getting hit in the ankle by a skateboard."

– Gregbot3000

Wrong Place And Time

"Pinching your finger in the door."

– LurkingAintEazy

Practically Hitting Bone

"hitting your shin bone on anything."

– Feels2old

Stupid Table

"Hitting your knee on a table. The pain crescendo is real and then it goes away."

– soline

The causes of pain we can't see are just as bad as the ones that are more visible.

Trapped Gas

"Gas pains."

– chrs_trnr

"I’ll never forget how one of my husband’s friends had horrible gas pains and went to the ER thinking it was some horrible GI issue like an appendix rupture or pancreatic issue. It turned out to be gas. He said it was the most expensive fart ever."

– SweetSoundOfSilence

Nasal Nightmare

"That f'king ingrown hair or zit or whatever right inside the tip of your nose."

– rfs103181

It Creeps Up And Won't Let Go

"Leg cramps."

– PegasoZ102

"One night I dreamt I was running upstairs when in mid-stride I was struck with a excruciating leg cramp causing me to fall backwards. I woke up with that cramp and in attempting to untangle myself from my blankets I fell out of the bed."

– jmmorart317

Holy Cramp!

"I had an arch cramp while getting it on one time, and that brought festivities to a close instantaneously."

– Gaijinloco

Wearing a helmet full-time is suddenly not a bad idea.

Stupid Cabinet Door

"When you hit your head on the bottom of an open cabinet door."

– R12356

The Resulting Reaction

"Any time I hit my head, I am immediately and automatically angry. Like that particular pain just pisses me off. Don’t worry, I direct it all inward. Lol. It’s all on me. I just really hate hitting my head."

– marvelous_much

These painful moments are hardly funny.

Who's Laughing Anyway?

"Funnybone. Not so funny."

– purenergy12

It's So Stubborn


– ZealousidealAd5679

"Or when you peel it back too far."

– Mo0nPilot

The Biggest Offender

"When you tell a joke and nobody laughes."

– Ordinary-Freedom7193

Coincidentally, I'm writing about pain as I'm suffering from the tiniest splinter lodged in my left thumb.

Fortunately, I never hit the space bar with my left thumb, so I've forgotten about it...until my harpooned thumb made contact with my mug's handle when I went to get a refill.

I won't be needing an energy boost from my coffee at the moment as my heart is racing from my tiny injury.

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