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Women tend to be more compassionate than men. And whenever they see a guy in distress or conflicted about something, women might be inclined to say they understand what they're going through.

While their intention is good, they may not fully understand the gender-specific dilemma of the opposite sex.

Curious to explore examples of this, Redditor Gilvani_SB asked:

"Men, what is something a woman would never understand?"

Men describe an unpleasant experienced involving their toilets.

Deeper Toilet

"I wanted an tall elongated toilet when we remodeled our bathroom."

"She wanted a shorter round bowl."

"Trying to explain the need to wash my family jewels every time I sit on the toilet because it rubs the inside of the bowl was futile."

– makenzie71

Bad Contact

"Having a boner touch the toilet seat."

– MemeHacker101

"Ahh, the Witch's Kiss."

– DaMonkfish

Never Tapped Out

"No matter how many times you shake it you never get it all."

– lat46n2

Men discussed some of their physical challenges.

Cupping For Comfort

"Sometimes i want to hold my balls when I'm relaxing. I'm not going to rub one out right in front you."

– naipmylO

About Size


– Northman67

"I would also like to expand on this. It's not just shrinkage. Guys don't have two sizes: soft and hard. Depending on what kind of underwear we're wearing, the temperature, how we're sitting, time of day, our mood, it can be soft and still look impressive like a shower, or, yes, like sometimes we don't even want to look at it."

"Boners also have 'two modes' so to speak. Regular hard, and maximum overboner. Like it's too powerful for its own good."

"tldr; a man's size is a spectrum. just cause you see him on a bad day, is not indicative of what he's capable of."

– Takanar


"Balls basically just sticky hand to your leg on a hot day. Like a fried egg nailed to the wall."

– SomeYoungOldDude

They're Very Delicate

"How sensitive testicles can be. Sure, you sack-tapped me last weekend and I didn't feel a thing, but when you grazed me 2 seconds ago you hit JUST the right spot, and brought me to the floor. It just happens."

– perpulstuph

Men talk about a stiff situation.

It's A Challenge

"Trying to pee with an erection."

– Klaus_Heisler87

"The harder it gets, the harder it gets."

– PhantomDeuce

Random Surprise

"Especially when younger, random boners."

– DavosLostFingers

Wetting The Bed

"The panic immediately after your first ejaculation. I didn't know what happened, but I knew it was a crime."

– cavemanfitz

These guys proved men do have feelings, even if they never profess to having them.

Some Positivity

"How long compliments stick with us. We remember forever because we rarely get them."

– throwaway224456789

"Bro for real I was extremely skinny in high school and got made fun of because of it and have been on and off working out for YEARS and during my last bout of working out I hit my highest weight ever and one of my friends said I look really good and noticed I've put on weight and that alone has kept me going for months."

– KrispyTrades

Responding To Perceptions

"People being afraid of me because I'm a big guy. I can give off an intimidating aura so if I'm walking behind a woman, she is often looking over her shoulder every now and then. I try to make a show of tying my shoe or slowing down so she gets some more distance. Sometimes I'll cross the road."

"I know why they are afraid of me. And I don't blame them in the slightest. It just hurts sometimes is all."

– ktbh4jc

Talk To Me

"When I take my toddler to the playground without my wife, I too would like to chat with the other adults."

"I feel like I am barely even tolerated, being around their children to make sure mine's OK and having good fun."

"F'king.. we can talk about cooking! Daycares! Just f'king TALK TO ME I AM NOT EVEN WEARING A TRENCH COAT AND YOU DON'T KNOW MY REDDIT NAME!!"

– frugal_masturbater

And there you have it.

For the ladies who've been curious about what it's like having a kickstand between their legs, men covered it all.

But in addition to testicle sensitivity, men can also be emotionally vulnerable. You just never hear some of them opening up about their feelings, because they've been socialized to associate it to weakness.

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