I love them, I freak out in happiness when I see them on a menu and must try them. I have friends who get equally excited. Oysters and champagne? Sign us up.

But I know many people who despise them and never eat them. The complaints they share (They're mushy and slimy!) mean nothing to me. NOTHING. But the people who hate them are very much a passionate camp.

People were keen to share their opinions after Redditor killerkitten115 asked the online community,

"What foods have a near equal amount of people who absolutely love it and people who think it's disgusting?"

"Those sugar cookies..."

"Those sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles that you find in most super markets!"


These taste like flour and nothing. Is nothing a flavor? It might as well be.

"When I finally tried..."

"My parents hated olives and told us that we should decline if someone offered us any because we wouldn't like them."

"When I finally tried olives, I thought, 'These taste disgusting but a really interesting disgusting.' Started eating them and haven't looked back although green ones are only good in limited doses."


Some are good and some are just okay in my experience. A stuffed olive, though? Give it to me!

"I love a good homemade..."

"Oatmeal raisin cookies. I love a good homemade chewy oatmeal raisin cookie, but a lot of people act like raisins are evil rabbit turds."


I have tried and I have tried... not really a fan.

"In my family..."

"In my family, there are two strongly divided camps when it comes to Dr. Pepper."


I am in the "love it" camp! However, I pretty much stopped drinking soda.

"They taste like..."

"Mushrooms. I love and hate them. Cooked? Excellent addition to stir-fry, quiche, pizza, even good as a main dish. Raw or cooked badly? They taste like fluffy potting soil. And some folks can't stand them in any form."


Love them! I will defend them for the rest of my days. Give me all kinds of mushrooms–I will remove them from your plate if you wish.

"Why are you so good?"

"Dear Spam, why are you so good? How can you be so nauseating while at the same time being so satisfying? I could eat you by the brick. Please stay away from me I'm not even Hawaiian."


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Fried with some cheese? Heaven on a plate.

"I love black licorice..."

"I love black licorice but I'd wager there's a vast majority who hate it, and we're strongly in the minority."


Mixed feelings on this but I don't hate it. Taste buds change as you get older, though. I would probably enjoy it now.

"Because of genetic mutations..."

"Brussels sprouts. Because of genetic mutations, approximately half the population finds them unpalatable."

"I'm one of them, never ate a Brussels sprout I didn't want to spit out."


Give me allll the Brussels sprouts! I adore them. I feel sad for all of you who cannot appreciate their deliciousness.

"I am not known..."

"Fruitcake. I am one of those people that love it. I am not known for having a discerning palate if I have full disclosure though. I know some who act like it is awful, and I think it is sweet, tasty, and good."

"Really good warmed up with heavy cream poured on it and whipped cream as well."


Also a fan–and you described the right way to eat it.

"I don't know why."

"Mustard, marmite, and pickles. Some of my favourites, but some people absolutely despise them. I don't know why."


All of these are incredible. Love, love, love.

Okay, it's fair to say I don't really have the most discerning palate. I eat just about anything with few exceptions.

The rest of you though? It's okay–don't feel too bad. You like what you like.

Have some thoughts of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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