Being vegan and vegetarian is not the burden it once was. We have come a very long way in options. And we have come along way in understanding allergy severity. So why do people still insist on messing around with the topic? Case in point… Redditor purpldingo wanted to discuss her experience and get some […] More

I've watched people devour things I couldn't fathom swallowing.

Like... "Why are you doing that to your body?"

I love food as much as the next person, but somethings really should just stay on the vine.

So many of the current most popular foods make no sense to me.

Avocado. Just... why? It's green slime.

To each their own.

Redditor mintylye wanted to discuss personal issues with the menu. They asked:

"What food does everyone love to eat, but you don't?"
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People Describe The Meals They Thought Were Fancy As A Child That Were Anything But
Pablo Merchant/Unsplash

This article is a love song to all of you out there who still think of those Red Lobster cheddar biscuits as the fanciest, most delicious, bread course you've ever had.

You're not alone.

Honestly, even Beyonce agrees Red Lobster is for special occasions according to the lyrics of "Formation."

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Food is a funny thing. We all need it to live. We eat to live.

But when it's not about survival, many people take food to a level of obsession.

There are just some items that don't belong on a menu.

Be creative as you want to be as a chef, but certain things, like poisonous fish and reptiles?

Maybe just let them keep roaming their habitats.

Why would I pay $150 a plate to maybe die?

What happened to an adventurous fettuccini alfredo?

Redditor trajop wanted hear about which items on the menu are not acceptable, by asking:

"Non-picky eaters, what’s a food you just cannot do?"
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I love them, I freak out in happiness when I see them on a menu and must try them. I have friends who get equally excited. Oysters and champagne? Sign us up.

But I know many people who despise them and never eat them. The complaints they share (They're mushy and slimy!) mean nothing to me. NOTHING. But the people who hate them are very much a passionate camp.

People were keen to share their opinions after Redditor killerkitten115 asked the online community,

"What foods have a near equal amount of people who absolutely love it and people who think it's disgusting?"
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